INDIE Business RoundUp: July 1, 2011

I have been pondering introducing more ways to help my IBN members spread the word about the amazing things they are doing. One of the newest says is via my new Local Director program, which will bring local INDIE events to your hometown. One of my first Local Directors is Susan Mann of Manor Hall Soap Company. Susan launched her business in 2005, and in just a few weeks, will launch a new website. She shares the exciting news in this cute-as-can-be video.


Today, I'm launching the weekly INDIE Business RoundUp, a fun new way to share the super things my members are doing. I'll be pulling posts from the widget, so if you are a member and your blog is not displaying through our widget, leave a not in the comments (FaceBook or Disqus, your choice) so we can add you! Enjoy this edition of INDIE Business RoundUp, and have fun learning new things and connecting with my members nationwide and in your local area.

  1. Save the soap slivers. We all have them — those pesky little slivers of bar soap that are too big to throw away and too small and slippery to be useful in the shower or tub. Are they piled up around your bathroom like they are in mine? Lori Nova at the Nova Studio offers useful tips for how to use them. At least one of these tips is guaranteed to be perfect for your household.
  2. Thin Gloss weight loss claims Shark Tank. Thanks to Katherine Corkill of Sterling Minerals Cosmetics for this fantastic post about how failing to research your industry before launching a product can come back to bite you. This post is a little long, but it's definitely worth the read for how it shares useful information for INDIEs on all levels of business launch, ownership and management. It's not just about the products sand the money. If you're not honestly adding value, you will lose in the long run.
  3. Use the talent you have. When I was younger, I used to wish I could sing like some of the ladies in my hometown church choir, but every time I opened my mouth to join in, I was reminded that singing is not my gift. It took me years (and much heartache) to truly appreciate my own gifts, and if you need a reminder of how special you are just the way you are, you'll enjoy this post.
  4. Make your own felted soap. When I saw my first bar of felted soap, I thought it was beautiful, but I couldn't figure out why I'd want to use it. Now, I know, thanks to Kayla Fioravanti at Essential Wholesale. This video at her blog shares how to make felted soap, and also explains why you might want to buy some. Mystery solved
  5. So, you want to sell your soap: Part 3. Over at new mom Anne-Marie Faiola's blog, several guest writers have been posting for A-M while she tackles the heftier jobs of breast feeding and diaper changes. This week, Kim Pepo (also an IBN member) posted the third part in a series to introduce you the basic information you need to know in order to successfully sell your handmade soap. Part 3 links to the first two parts, so it's easy to read the whole series.
  6. What has your business done for you lately? That's not the title of the post, but it is fitting. Lela Barker of at Bella Lucce lists 25 things her business has done for her over the years, including providing opportunities for international travel and jumping out of air planes. Count me in, let's jump!!
  7. 6 pieces of advice from my dad. To me, every day is Father's Day, and I miss my dear father in ways that are hard to explain. (This poem kind of sums it up.) Alison Kontour at Bath Body Supply wrote a touching post summarizing some of the great advice her father has shared with her through the years. Whether or not you're a business owner, you'll appreciate his insights. I especially like Point No. 6, and remind my children of this many times each week. I wonder if they are hearing me …

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