March 2020 Indie Chat: Branding: Questions, Answers, and WhatNot

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Branding: Questions, Answers, and WhatNot

A brand is created, developed, and nurtured in many ways. Some of those ways are predictable and some unfold organically with the passage of time and the input and help from your target audience. Either way, all roads lead back to you and the specific message you want your brand to stand for in the market place of products and ideas. We are going to talk about that with brand strategist.

About the Indie Chat Guest: Patsy Balacchi

Patsy is the founder and creative director at Zenotica. She is an award-winning graphic designer and Feng Shui consultant who combines her innate sense of order with her design skills to help people create brands that articulate a clear and concise message to the world. All of us need to do that! Join us as we pick Patsy's brain on this Indie Chat.

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In your experience, what is the most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to branding your business? Colors? Messages? Fonts? Shapes? I'd love to hear your thoughts below!

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