Indie Shopping Vignette Single: Vim Essentials

Check Out the AromaCar Commuter Kit

Noelle Katai is very creative lady. In addition to being a naturally talented and trained aromatherapist she's also the host of The Nose Knows, the nation's first television show focused specifically on aromatherapy. The latest expression of Noelle's talent is the newly launched AromaCar Commuter Kit. To find out more about it, click the arrow in the player below. (You may need to click on the title of this blog post to watch the video if you subscribe to my blog via email.)

Noelle is a member of the Indie Beauty Network, so I have had the pleasure of watching these wonderful things happen up close and personal. Noelle says that her business, Vim Essentials, is all about inspiring you to live life with vim, embracing your own unique, lively style. Learn more about Noelle at her website, and while you're there, be sure to click through to watch clips from her show, The Nose Knows.

Question: How does Noelle inspire you to live your life with Vim?

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