#IndieCruise 2014 Topic: How to Add Membership and Subscription Programs to Your Business


I am excited to announce my topic on #IndieCruise 2014: How to Add Membership and Subscription Programs to Your Business. I selected the topic in alignment with our 2014 cruise theme, No More Beauty Business as Usual. In business today, you can treat your customers like everyone else treats them, or you can treat them like they are special. One way to treat them like they are special is to add niche specialty items, including membership and subscription programs, to your business model.


I am the founder and CEO of the first online for profit membership based organization in the world (I don't know of one that started before 2000, do you?), so if you want to know how to create membership programs, you won't find anyone with more experience than me. And I'm going to share my knowledge and expertise freely on #IndieCruise.

In between yoga, belly dancing, zip lining, rock climbing, and swimming with dolphins, you'll get my best tips plus information on “how to” add memberships and subscriptions to your business.


If you have any questions before registering, call Suzanne at 770-952-8300.

Our other speaker topics will be announced later this week.

Helpful Links

Helpful Links

1. Do you have a membership or subscription component to your business? Would you like to?

2. What are your questions about adding this component to your business model?

3. How do you feel when you are a “member” of a group or organization that helps you achieve your goals?

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