Indies In The City: Columbia, SC

I hosted our second Indies In The City gathering in Columbia, South Carolina last Saturday. Click on the picture to enjoy the video highlights. Marvel at how brave (or something …) I am to include a picture of me with an attractive exfoliating mask all over my face!


Indies In The City will soon be combined with the Indie Business Breakfast, a jam-packed, 3 hour Indie Business Bonanza where I will unveil my signature Indie Business System and companion book, workbook and audio CDs. This is the system I have used to take a business from nothing to beyond my wildest dreams!

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Bella Lucce
The Ivory Magnolia
Vista Print

The Nova Studio: Business Boot Camp (Indies In The City will be here on Sept. 19 — San Francisco Bay Area!)

Upcoming Indies In The City gatherings include San Francisco Bay area (in September), Portland (in October), Chicago, San Diego, Seattle, Raleigh/Durham, Atlanta and more. If you'd like to host Indies In The City, let me know in the comments section below.

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