#IndieTakeover No. 6: Desiree Doucet at The Creative Cajun

Welcome to #IndieTakeover Day 6! One of the best things about my life (or is it my work … can't tell the difference …) is that I have the opportunity to serve and become acquainted with people from across this incredible country. I learn from them, I mentor them, I teach them, I admire them. That's what the Indie Business Network is all about. One of the ways we collectively continue this legacy is with one of our newest events: #Indie Takeover.


Today's #IndieTakeover guest is Desiree Doucet (pronounced “Do-Say') of Creative Cajun in Roswell, GA. While Desiree now lives in Georgia, she is Cajun born and raised and through and through, and I'm pleased to introduce you to a day in her busy Maker life today!

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Desiree's business combines her creative side with her love for the Cajun culture. Growing up in southwestern Louisiana in the state's fourth largest city, Lafayette, Desiree grew up in the only place in America that authentically combines the Cajun and Creole cultures. About a 90-minute drive from New Orleans, and often referred to as “Acadiana,” Cajun country in Lafayette is as much about food as anything else. You can learn more at Desiree's website, and be sure to check out her The Bayou Book Club.

Here's Desiree's #IndieTakeover introduction from this morning!

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