Inspiration Comes When We Least Expect It

During my 2.5K run this morning, I had the opportunity to watch a woman run with her baby. She arrived about halfway through my run and she was accompanied by what appeared to be a fitness trainer. As I ran, I watched the trainer help the women stretch, limber up and then enter the track. For a moment, I thought she would remove her jilaabah (the black loose fitting garment), and may be even her khimar (the scarf) before she ran. She didn't.


As I left the track, she was just getting started. And she wasn't just walking. She was running. I thought about how it would have taken me about 3 steps to trip over a long dress.

I showed the picture to my husband and he pointed out that I should make no assumptions. After all, he said, she's probably used to running and walking in a long dress. Moreover, he said, she could be a world class triathelete for all we know.

That's true, I suppose, but still. Whoever this woman is, she made me wish I had exercised more when my children were in strollers.

But I'm not looking back. I'm looking forward, and today, this woman reminded me that inspiration to be our best is all around us. It comes when we least expect it. We just have to look for it.

She confirmed that there are no excuses. I either want fitness or I don't. And discomfort and the sometimes inconvenience of motherhood will only stop me if I let it.

Question: What simple things did you see today day that inspired you to meet any of your goals?

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