Congratulations Instagram Pod Holiday Wonderland Giveaway Winner!

We are excited to announce the winner of IBN's Instagram Pod Holiday Giveaway. Our theme was Holiday Wonderland. It was fun! The IBN members who participated loved it, but no one is happier than our winner, @Tuscon_Vegan, whose colorful Instagram is all about vegan product reviews and deals. She will soon have a delightful collection of IBN member products to enjoy throughout the holiday season.

The products featured, not surprisingly, are designed to help you pamper yourself during the holiday season. This can sometimes be a challenge during the hustle and bustle of the transition from one year to another. Our winner will start the new year off prioritizing her own self-care with some wonderful artisan made products. Here are the goodies that will be landing on her doorstep shortly.

Step 1. Arbria Body Oil, from Arbria Creations.

Step 2. Wildcrafted Face Cleanser from My Alchemy Skincare.

Step 3. 6 Fabulous Shades of Moisturizing Lip Balms from Raw Beauty Minerals.

Step 4: Red Jasper Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet + calming Peppermint Essential Oil from Wisdom Body and Soul.

Questions for discussion and sharing

What is your favorite way to pamper yourself during the holidays — and all year long?

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