While some people see selfies as meaningless self-indulgences designed to artificially boost one's ego, entrepreneurs know different. We know that a picture that captures a business owner's confidence, style, and authenticity can mean the difference between a scroll and a sale. That's why our first class at Indie Business School is Introduction to Selfie Photography.

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Gain confidence and self-assurance

This class is not just about pressing the right buttons or selecting the best filter.

In this class, you will learn how to prepare to connect with your audience quickly and without stressing out. You'll learn how to use your naturally beautiful features to build the confidence needed to authentically reflect your brand message in ways that positively influence sales.

You'll discover how to find the best locations to have your photo taken. After this class, you'll understand how easy and empowering it is to play up your best natural features. You'll see how easy it is to adjust your mindset (it begins with a proper mindset, not a certain level of outer beauty!) to look and feel fantastic in front of the camera any time, day or night. This class will take you by the hand and teach you how to fully embody the ICON that you are. You'll become the very embodiment of YOUR brand, where there is no competition.

About Our Teacher

Our teacher is Jennifer Waller (pictured) a makeup artist and former beauty store retailer who founded her own brand of cosmetics, Celtic Complexion.

At the urging of her husband, she eventually became the face of her brand, and her engagement (and sales) on social media (check out her Instagram) increased immediately. However, she didn't just jump in with cold feet;  she methodically created a system that enabled her to overcome her doubts, fears and limiting beliefs that enabled her to feel comfortable in front of the camera. She'll reveal many of her secrets in this class.

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Class will be in session Wednesday, November 4, from 7:00pm ET to 8:30pm ET.

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Do you fully appreciate the connection between your personal brand and your business? Do you embrace the truth that people are buying YOU, and not just your products? Do you use selfies to showcase your genuine personality and reflect the essence of your brand? I would love to hear about your experiences in the comments below!

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