According to the Specialty Food Association, sales of specialty foods jumped 9.8 percent between 2016 and 2018, climbing to $148.7 billion in 2018. Many researchers thank millennials for the surge in interest in artisanal foods, as they tend to be more selective about the brands they support. However, I see the interest expanding far beyond millennials as more people of all ages embrace the lifestyle benefits of artisanal products over their industrialized, mass-made counterparts.

Artisan brands offer the kind of powerfully engaging stories that large scale food brands cannot match. This provides buyers with a chance to establish deep and meaningful connections with brands and the people behind them. Our Indie Business members make amazing products that fit this bill, and this post shares some of the best with you.

9 Artisan Made Edible Delights

Hemp CBD Honey, by Ology Essentials (TN)

Maker: Kayla Fioravanti

What is better than honey and hemp CBD? Ology Essentials has married local Tennessee Honey with pure hemp CBD to provide a delicious way to add hemp CBD to your diet.

Get your Hemp CBD Honey here.

Strawberry Lavender Jam, by Lavender Wind (WA)

Maker: Sarah Richards

Sweet, tangy strawberries from a local farm combined with a hint of lavender make up this handmade preservative! The lavender delivers  a subtle floral mystery. 

Try this sweet Strawberry Lavender Jam!

Coff Ez RX Tea, by Green Valley Herbal (CO)

Maker: Patricia Nizalowski

Made with the highest quality, all natural ingredients! This gourmet, handmade tea can improve congestion, relaxation for sleep, cold symptoms, your immune system and digestion.

Check out this Coff Ez RX Tea!

Wine Slush Mix, by White Oak Lavender Farm (VA)

Maker: Julie Haushalter

Enjoy delicious wine slushies from the comfort of own home, made with recommended wines to create your perfect drink.

Pop open a bottle for some of this Wine Slush Mix!

Jamaican Cool Brew, by Blue Lake Botanicals (OH)

Maker: Lynn Zukowski

Organic hibiscus flowers and cinnamon bark chips are blended to make this refreshing fruity tea with a touch of spice!

Brew some Jamaican Cool Brew Herbal Tea.

Annie's Ginger Elixir, by Lovewild Design (NY)

Purveyor: Sierra Gilboe

Drink hot, drink cold. Drink straight or add it to a favorite cocktail. You'll want to put the spicy Annie's Ginger Elixir in everything.

Buy your own bottle of Ginger Elixir here.

Lavender-Lemon Cookies, by Lavender Hill Farm (MI)

Maker: Martha Wilczynski

Try Scotty Dotty’s Lavender-Lemon shortbread cookies. They are rich and delicious! They come in a resealable 4-oz. bag.

Try these Lavender-Lemon shortbread cookies

Honey Lollipops, by Waxing Kara (MD)

Maker: Kara Brown

Made with honey and fruit from their farm, these take you back to a time when candy was made by hand — because these are!

Check out these handmade Honey Lollipops

Lavender French Vanilla Coffee, by Lavender Bliss

Maker: Gerald Thomas

Made with highly sought after Yirgacheffe beans and ground with farm-grown lavender to create a rich an floral cup of coffee.

Get your Lavender French Vanilla Ground Coffee here

Questions for discussion and sharing

Do any of these strike your fancy? (My fancy likes all of them, of course!)

What is your favorite artisan food? There are so many options to enjoy, especially if you frequent your local farmer's market or love to buy goodies on line.

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