January 2018 Success Call: Blog For Success in the New Year and Beyond!

Who wants to blog for success in the new year? So you know it's true. A blog can help your business grow in almost too many ways to name. Among them: driving traffic to your site (and therefore, your shopping cart), serving as a living journal about the growth of your brand, and providing anyone in the world with access to you and your offerings all day every day, 365 days a year. So, what's so hard about maintaining a blog?

Blog For Success in the New Year and Beyond

Well, it's work, and we have so much other work to do that leads “directly” to sales, that a blog sometimes just takes last place. And you know what that means … you hardly ever blog.

Well, let's make 2018 the year you change all that. On this Success Call, our guest Donna DeRosa will help you use your blog to lift you and your brand up to the next level. You'll learn about implementing systems that make it easier and more fun to blog on a regular basis, and you'll also get the scoop on some of the latest WordPress plugins you need to keep your blog as visible and aesthetically pleasing as possible.

If you want to really use your blog to grow your business, you won't want to miss this Success Call!

What is a Success Call?

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About Donna DeRosa

Before starting her lifestyle blog, Donna worked for 15 years as an automotive journalist and managing editor for Edmunds.com where she managed several blogs, one of which won the Media Industry News' Best of the Web Award for 2011 beating out CNN Money, Parenting, Field & Stream, Discover Magazine, and Entertainment Weekly.

Donna left the corporate world to start her own coaching practice, and has been blogging on WordPress for over 10 years. Her first blog, Grace Magazine, had millions of page views, and has been adapted into her book, A Year of Graceful Living. Today, Donna leads the Blog Your Brand Facebook group and offers lifestyle and blog coaching services at this link.

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See you on today's Success Call!


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