Join Me On May 29: My Interview with Danny Nardo of ABC Shark Tank’s Nardos Natural

If you're like me, you are a huge fan of ABC's Shark Tank, the show that airs each Friday night featuring five wealthy investors called “Sharks” who consider pitches from entrepreneurs seeking funding for their business or product. Earlier this year, four brothers from Tampa, Florida, pitched their line of Nardos Natural skin care products and emerged with $75,000 in exchange for 50% of the company, from Shark Barbara Corcoran.
Nardos Brothers
Tomorrow night, you have the opportunity to join me and Danny Mastronardo (second brother from the left) as we cover Six Success Points for cosmetics companies. Here's more about this important event.
I’m thrilled to have Danny on for this special call to talk about life before, during, and after Shark Tank, what the Nardos brothers did to position themselves for the show, and the six things you need to do to up your business game. The points we will discuss are critical to success, and apply to your business no matter what industry you are in, and whether or not you want to seek outside funding.

It's happening tomorrow, Tuesday, May 29, at 8pm ET. Don't miss it!

“From Mixing in the Kitchen to Swimming With the Sharks”
with dM and ABC Shark Tank's Danny Nardo
Tuesday, May 29, 2012, 8pm ET
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Talk to you Tuesday night!

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