Kelly Bloom of Soapalooza to Speak at #IndieCruise 2013

I am pleased sad to announce that IBN member Kelly Bloom of Soapalooza in Richmond, Virginia, will not be joining us on #IndieCruise 2013 as a speaker and fellow MasterMinder. You'll have fun anyway, so stay tuned for updates! The theme for #IndieCruise 2013 is Conceive! Believe! Achieve!, making Kelly's topic of Living Your Passion While Preparing It For Sale especially fitting for our once-in-a-lifetime trip to Cozumel and beautiful Belize.

kelly bloom and indiecruise

Kelly is a mom and entrepreneur who has launched and successfully led several businesses in the handmade world. Her presence at #IndieCruise, both as a speaker and a MasterMinder, will remind all of us of the importance of leading our businesses in the present moment — while simultaneously preparing them for a future that may not include us. Let me explain what I mean, and why this topic is important to the future of both you and your business

Living Your Passion While Preparing It For Sale

Yes, your work is your passion. And yes, you cannot imagine ever not doing what you so love to do. But the truth is, you will not be here forever, and even if you were, you might not want to do what you are doing now forever.

So what can you do? How can you love your passion today while paving the way for living a different passion tomorrow? How can you set your business up so that, no matter what comes your way, you can move onto something else and continue to profit fairly from all of your hard work?

Kelly has some answers for you, based not on theory or what she's read, but based on what she has achieved.

About Kelly Bloom

Kelly is an entrepreneur, teacher, soapmaker and business consultant with 17 years of experience leading successful ventures that have netted her a handsome living. She founded the Southern Soapers brand in 2006 and owned it until 2012, when it was sold for an undisclosed sum. Kelly also owns Soapalooza, a Virginia-based natural soap arts & crafts teaching studio operating within the Visual Arts Center of Richmond.

Kelly never specifically anticipated selling Southern Soapers, but when a few surprising life events propelled her in that direction, Kelly was ready. She transitioned smoothly to a new life, all the while positioning Southern Soapers for sale at the highest possible price.

Kelly will share her story and help you understand how you can use everything from contracts to trademarks to position your business for the next level of your life, and maximize the chances that your business can outlive your passion for it, and continue to serve people for years into the future.

MasterMinding And Fun

In addition to Kelly's presentation, as we always do in #IndieCruise, we will dive into each other's hearts to facilitate the revelations we all need to intentionally merge our talents and gifts with the business acumen needed to be simultaneously profitable and personally fulfilled. This combination is so critical to your well being!

Liberty of the Seas

All of this life changing fun will take place aboard Royal Caribbean's Liberty of the Seas, a family-friendly luxury cruise ship with tons of spa and fitness activities, star studded entertainment and three delicious meals a day.

The newly renovated ship is packed with phenomenal on-board experiences, including a broadway musical, first run movies under the stars on the upper deck, wine tastings, several pools, hot tubs and jacuzzis, rock climbing walls, boxing ring, water park, mini golf course adults only whirlpool extending 12 feet beyond the side of the ship overlooking crystal blue waters — and so much more!

(I don't think I'll sleep the whole time — can't wait!)

At the end of each day, which will include opportunities for excursions among ancient ruins, snorkeling, spa and scuba, we will gather at late dinner to wind down and share the excitement of the day, and get a chance to support and know each other even better. This is one of the most fun parts of #IndieCruise because we all relax and unwind together and share what we will apply to make our businesses the best they can be in 2013 and beyond!

The support and relationships fostered on #IndieCruise are like nothing you have ever experienced before.

Join Us!

#IndieCruise MasterMind 2013 will set sail Februray 2-7, 2013 for a 4-Night Ft. Lauderdale to Cozumel to Belize cruise aboard Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas.

We invite you to join us! You know you wanna … Register now by clicking here, or call Gary Whitehurst at 800-668-6414, ext. 150. Once you register, we will invite you to join our private #IndieCruise FaceBook Page, where we support each other all year long.

Check out our #IndieCruise video.

Learn more about Kelly and Soapalooza by visiting her website here. And if you're int he Richmond, Virginia, area, be sure to check out the soap and crafting parties for fun. And if you are in business for yourself, be sure to find out about Kelly's business classes on things like labeling, preservatives and good manufacturing practices.


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