Welcome IBN’s Local Director: Maia Singletary @AstridaNaturals: Chicago

I am thrilled to introduce you to Maia Singletary, IBN's new Local Director in Chicago! Maia is CEO of Astrada Naturals in Chicago, where you can get “Freshly handcrafted skin care & fragrances customized with natural ingredients.” Maia has been an active and enthusiastic participant in the Indie Social community since 2010.

Maia Singletary

She decided to officially start her business, and when she did, she sealed her commitment by becoming a dues paying Premium IBN Member! Maia is hitting the ground running, not only growing her business, but collaborating with other small and independent business owners in her community. “A rising tide lifts all ships,” and we say, “Go Maia!” I am so pleased to add Maia to the INDIE Team. I asked her to share a few words about what she hopes to experience as IBN's Chicago Director. Here's what she said:

I'm super excited to be the Chicago local director! IBN has been a source of support for me since 2010 when I was just starting out and looking for information. Since joining, I've been overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge, support and genuine encouragement that comes from this group. This community really wants you to succeed. My passion lies in supporting INDIE and I look forward to connecting our businesses locally.

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Connect Locally!

If you're in the Chicago area, join Maia and other like-minded local small and independent business owners in the Chicago Group at INDIE Social!
You can also connect in dozens of cities. Here are some of the most active ones:

Charlotte (guess who's the director there??!)
Newark and Northern New Jersey
New York City
San Francisco Bay Area

More are on the way!

I will announce additional Local Directors as they are added in the coming days. For now, join me in welcoming Maia by leaving a comment below. You can also connect with Maia on Twitter, FaceBook.


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