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Create and Execute a Solid Plan for Your Business With Private Masterminding and Coaching

The Indie Business Network's Maker Mastermind™ Experience is the most powerful way for artisan entrepreneurs to make quick progress in their businesses, while also enjoying the process. Here's what you get …

First off, you get an experience that is specifically designed for you. Maker Mastermind is not a generic experience aimed at making hundreds of people happy for a few days. Maker Mastermind is not a conference.

Maker Mastermind is an intentionally designed, transformative, one-day experience that revolves around what matters most to you.

If you've been waiting for our 2018 announcement and you are ready to register for your city, then sign up now using the button below. If you're on the fence, read on for more information.

Maker Mastermind is an In-Person 100% Supportive, and 150% Kick-Butt Experience

At Maker Mastermind, you'll gather with like-minded Makers and Handmade Entrepreneurs for a full day of entrepreneurial subject matter immersion, hot seats, fun, and sometimes, very special guest instructors!

When it comes to hunkering down and getting serious about your business, I know you are not impressed with fancy swag bags and table centerpieces. Trendy chachkas and trinkets do not substitute for substance, so I won't lure you with them.

What I will lure you with is the opportunity to make real, tangible, and measurable progress in your business at the Maker Mastermind Experience. And the experience doesn't end after we leave the mastermind room. Here's how it continues …

At Maker Mastermind, you'll wage full-on-war against everything that's holding you back.Click To Tweet

Donna Maria, Indie Business Network

Three Months of WEEKLY Virtual Online Masterminding!

When you register for the Maker Mastermind Experience, you will be able to participate in my deep dive, no-holds-barred “virtual Maker Mastermind” every single week for 3 months.

Why 3 months? Because after our time together in person, I'm going to lead you through a 90-day sprint to implement all of the great strategies we brainstormed together at the live event. At the virtual online mastermind sessions, you'll enjoy accountability and continued coaching, with real-time feedback on your business progress, marketing strategies, opt ins, sales copy, social media techniques, and more. Each session will be powerful, fun, and filled with specific action steps and breakthroughs.

An Intimate Private Facebook Coaching Group

You'll enjoy a private 3-month Facebook community where you will enjoy the opportunity for daily coaching, as needed, personally with me. The group will be a small and intimate so you can engage in discussions you might not want to have in a larger group with thousands of people you don't know lurking around and watching.

Optional Private Mastermind Dinner

As bonuses to enhance your experience, you'll have the option of enjoying a private Mastermind Dinner with me the night before we gather to mastermind. This is an important part of preparing for a positive mastermind experience the next day. Breaking bread together in advance enhances the comfort level for the type of deep and intimate masterminding that we enjoy at Maker Mastermind.

(The Mastermind Dinner is in response to specific requests from previous attendees for a chance to get to know each other bit before opening up in a mastermind setting the next day.)

Optional Walk The Show!

Another optional bonus is the chance to walk the show that is taking place in the city at the time we are there:

Chicago: One of a Kind Show
Dallas: Indie Beauty Expo
Los Angeles: Unique LA

A Transformative Experience

Maker Mastermind Live is an intimate experience. You won't see hundreds of people milling around high-fiving and collecting goody bags. There is no confetti, no marching band, and no bright and shiny objects.

Instead, you'll find a quiet and peaceful location where you will center yourself and focus on what you really want in your life and in your business. You'll clarify what you want your life to look like, and strengthen your business around that theme.

You will be mindful, intentional, and focused, and I will invest one-on-one time in everyone in attendance, working with you to craft the next generation of your success.

Maker Mastermind is not just a fun event. It's a transformational success path that empowers you to Stop Making Stuff and Start Making Money.

The Maker Mastermind Live Difference

Maker Mastermind is you, me, and a handful of highly motivated entrepreneurs will engage in hand-to-hand combat, waging full-on war against everything that's holding you back. You'll enjoy intensive, fast-paced, get-it-done forward motion. There will be hard-hitting hot seats, advice, and action-taking. There will no procrastinating and no tables to hid under. Every hidden fear will be brought to light, and you WILL take action. And I promise – your business will not look the same by the end of your Maker Mastermind Experience.

I’m committed to helping you take action via this event, so you don't just have a bunch of useful information. I want you to roll up your sleeves and get busy, and I'll be doing the same right alongside you.

Maker Mastermind is a unique opportunity and an singular chance to interact with me personally, and to formulate a strong and sustainable vision for your life and your business.

I absolutely could not be more excited to see you in Chicago, Dallas, and/or Los Angeles, and I hope that you'll join me in your city Maker Mastermind Live!

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Donna Maria is an author, podcaster, attorney, and the founder and CEO of the Indie Business Network, providing affordable product liability insurance and mentoring. Donna Maria teaches Makers and Creative Entrepreneurs how to use technology and community to build a profitable, sustainable business.