Makers on the Move (Episode 3: August 2017)

Here I am again, back to do what I love most — share some of the amazing things our members are doing nationwide. I love this picture of our first featured Maker, having a beer with a friend. How about that? Beer drinking with purpose. (I promise there's a business connection.)

Recently, we brought you makers who are moving and shaking in Texas, California, Illinois, South Carolina and North Carolina. If you missed them, you can catch them here. This week, we bring you highlights and star power from New York, Vermont and California. See anyone you know?

Media Coverage in New York

Roberta Perry of Scrubz Body in Plainview, New York was recently featured in Long Island Business News. The article provides an overview of how to develoop relationships with influencers who agree to share your product with their audience in exchange for payment or free products.

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Among other things, the article points out that the Federal Trade Commission requires that, anyone who reviews your products in exchange for compensation of any kind (products and/or cash), must disclose the fact of the compensation with their review.

Visit Scrubz Body here.

A New Product Line in Vermont

Layla Bringas over at Lunaroma Aromatic Apothecary in Burlington, Vermont, just launched a new line of Ultra Luxe body lotion, which she says provide the perfect way to practice self love. Each scent is made with essential oils and absolutes.

Fragrance blends include Deep Calm, Glow, Plush, Soleil, Verde, and more.

Visit the Lunaroma website here.

Beer Busters Facebook Live Show in California

Recently, Alyson Swihart of Handbrewed Soaps in Oakland, California, launched her new Facebook Live show, designed to help home brewers and their families put to good use all of the “beer things” (like yeast, hops, and grains) they don't actually use in the beer they make.

You'll learn things like how to have a beer pedicure, how to make beer gummy bears, and even how to polish jewelry. Check out a recent episode here.

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