Maker Mastermind Show: Episode 9: MayaIndia Spa and the Smart Cookie Journal

Welcome to Episode 9 of the Maker Mastermind Show! If you missed previous episodes, you can binge watch them here. Be sure to join the free Maker Mastermind group on Facebook so you can join us live for the next show, and be entered to win prizes and/or get discount codes on the artisan made products you love. In this episode, I and my co-host, Christine Laureano, interview Roslyne Yates-Johnson of MayaIndia Spa and the Smart Cookie Journal in Hempstead, New York. Watch as Roslyne shares her best business tips, and of course, answers the question: when did you STOP MAKING STUFF AND START MAKING MONEY?

Roslyne, a licensed social worker by trade, launched MayaIndia Spa after her children experienced bouts with dry skin that over-the-counter products just didn't help. Once she began using shea butter to soothe them, her mother began to encourage Roslyne to sell the products. These first creations have grown into Roslyne's signature Body Frosting line.

Today, Roslyne sells a full line of luxury bakery inspired handmade body confections like donut scrub, body syrup, cupcake soap, smoothie scrubs and ice cream bath scoops. To complement her brand, which is loved by everyone with a sweet tooth, Roslyne recently added her new Smart Cookie brand to empower young girls to be the best versions of themselves. Today, Roslyne combines sweet body care confections with smart cookies to help everyone get a little bit of sweetness without the calories, and build their confidence too. In this episode, you will discover how she is combining her business and her career as a social worker to lay the foundation for a future of entrepreneurial success. You will be inspired by her story.

What You'll Discover in This Episode

• How Roslyne's business got started (starting at 0:03)
• How Roslyne successfully manages her business and her traditional career as a social worker (starting at 7:09)
• How Roslyne's structure helps her with her content marketing strategy (starting at 11:18)
• Roslyne's Indie Method journey (starting at 21:04)
• Roslyne's expansion with the introduction of the Smart Cookie Journal (starting at 22:28)
• How to be OK with being a beginner (starting at 32:17)
• Random fun to get to know Roslyne better (starting at 36:14)

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In this episode we mentioned several resources:

Roslyn's website for: MayaIndia Spa
Roslyn's website for: The Smart Cookie Journal

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