March 2019 Master Class: How to Sell When You Don’t Know How to Sell

One of the benefits of IBN membership is a live monthly Master Class with someone who has mastered a topic that will help you be successful in your Maker business. Our Master Classes are great opportunities to learn and grow in our supportive community, and to meet some of the people who can make help you make your business more profitable and fun.

Brand Identity Strategies for Success

One of the biggest hurdles standing between a Makers product and the sale of those products is the Maker's lack of sales experience. The challenge is that most Makers start their business by developing products without giving much thought to developing a strategy to sell them.

Dawn did that. Actually pretty much all of us did. LOL! But Dawn stepped over every sales hurdle and is now a pro not only at developing her products, but also at selling them.

In this Master Class, you'll learn all of her secrets, so you can do it too.

About the Master Class Instructor: Dawn

Dawn Fitch is the founder of Pooka Pure and Simple, a handmade bath and body company.

She received her B.A. in design from William Paterson University and worked for Sony Music for 6 years. After battling illness and feeling the need to adopt a healthier lifestyle, she began exploring holistic therapies and aromatherapy.

While reading the labels on many of her cosmetic products and becoming increasingly aware of the dangerous chemicals in them, she began making and selling her own products. The response was tremendous.

That’s when the realization hit that she had an incredible business idea and Pooka was born!

As a powerful woman in business, Dawn has been the recipient of many awards including, The Influencer Award for Entrepreneurship given by the Urban League, the Black Executive Award given by the African American Chambers of Commerce, and an Agent of Change award from the National Council of Negro Women.

She is a self-published author, a podcaster, and the host of the Best Life Tribe on Facebook.

In this Master Class, Donna Maria will interview Dawn about how to inform, entertain, and educate your customers and prospects in ways that lead to sales. You'll get an easy sales script, and enjoy watching Dawn sell live on her Facebook page.

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