Makers on the Move (May 2017)

Every week, Indie Business Network members do amazing things, and I remind them of the benefits of being bold and out loud about their achievements. Members are encouraged to brag on themselves, and when they do, it's another opportunity for me to brag on them. Whether it's opening a retail store, or launching a branded Facebook group, or even taking a much-needed sabbatical from a very active business, we celebrate everything together in the Indie Business Network community.

So much goodness happens, and we don't want you to miss out on any of it, so here's a look at the wins of the week from the following states: Louisiana, California, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

A new retail store in Louisiana

Theresa Duran Richard of Bain Amour in Aunaudville, Louisiana, is putting the finishing touches on her new retail store. She plans to open in June at the Acadiana Mall in Lafayette.

Theresa's business sells the goat milk soap the family makes using goats from their herd of Nubian and LaMancha goats. Check out the store preparation in progress here:

Bain Amour also creates luxury bath and body item including beer-infused shaving soap, aftershave products, bath bombs, lotions, lip balms and more. Many ingredients are locally sourced, including Louisiana sugar, honey, beeswax and beer.

Stay tuned for news about the grand opening by checking in on the Bain Amour Facebook page.

A new website in Virginia

Julie Diers has finished several months of heavy lifting, and she has a seriously beautiful new online home to show for it at the new Bumble & Company website. Have a look at this gorgeous screen shot from the new home page:

Julie says she chose WordPress over all other options for her site because she received multiple recommendations from many people in the website building university who prefer it. She says she saved up and hired top quality WordPress experts to help build out her site.

A successful Showing in California

Danielle Vincent of Outlaw Soaps in Oakland, California is a woman on a mission. Her goal is to land her products in grocery stores nationwide. This past week, she seems to have positioned herself to do just that by exhibiting with United Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI), a distributor of natural and organic foods and specialty products in throughout North America, and a primary distributor to Whole Foods Market, at the Pacific Tabletop Show. Here's who their setup looked.

Danielle reports that she had a great time at the show and that her rustic, true-to-brand display really set her business apart from other exhibitors who went a more “slick” route. According to Danielle, it was worth the “literal anxiety, blood, sweat, and tears.”

I'm sure we'll be reporting more on their success. Meanwhile, you can grab their products on Amazon and at the Outlaw Soaps website.

A new Summa Cum Laude Graduate in Pennsylvania

Entrepreneurship is not the only kind of achievement we celebrate here at the Indie Business Network. It's graduation season, and we invite you to applaud our member, Arianna DiMatteo, of Aria Bella Candles in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on earning her Bachelor of Arts, Summa Cum Laude, in Integrated Marketing Communications from Duquesne University. Congratulate this graduate!!

At just 22 years, old, Arianna has completed her undergraduate studies and is holding down a business which she is funding completely on her own. While still fairly new, Arianna says her business is doing well even though she's taken time off over the past five months to complete her studies.

Says Arianna, “My company is growing up with me, which is something special that not all business owners get to experience.”

We see big things in the future for Aria Bella Candles, and we are so proud of our Arianna!

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