The Maker Mastermind Business Incubator is a community of similarly situated, like-minded Makers and Creative Entrepreneurs who gather regularly to address and solve their biggest business challenges, and celebrate success together. In Maker Mastermind, everyone is both coach and client, and everyone brings their A-game. When your cohort meets, an invisible “master mind” is in your midst to help you identify and pursue new opportunities, and facilitate transformative strategies. Maker Mastermind will help you accomplish more — together.

Not at this time. Currently, Maker Mastermind Business Incubator is only open to Indie Business Network members.

Yes! In fact, if you are newer to business (5 years or less), Maker Mastermind will save you thousands in terms of money and productivity just by helping you clarify your goals and stay on track as you pursue and achieve them.

Absolutely! We know that not everyone is good at articulating goals on their own. Sometimes, all you need is a mentor and a team of supporters to flesh out your ideas! Your Maker Mastermind Mentor will help you articulate exactly what you want to achieve in your business, so you can identify the activities and create the systems that lead to success.

Maker Mastermind Business Incubator is for you if you:

• want to experience radical transformation in terms of your daily productivity, and how it leads to the achievement of your goals

• desire to build a solid and ongoing entrepreneurial platform that delivers multiple income streams

• want to develop your leadership skills so you can expand your sphere of influence, inside and outside of your business

• are open to learning from others, as you create and follow your own unique journey

• would like to distill your annual goals into daily priorities that actually propel you and your business forward

• are committed to doing the work required to focus on high impact activities that lead to high impact results

And if it's not for you, you'll know that pretty quickly, and you can cancel at any time!

You can book a discovery session with Donna Maria and find out for sure at this link. In general, Maker Mastermind is definitely not for you if you:

• have a “build it and they will come” attitude
• are not serious about your business, and are unwilling to put in significant work to make it successful
• lack belief in yourself, your ideas, and the greatness within you
• are looking for someone to tell you *exactly* what to do, instead of creating your own path
• have a “done for you” or “easy” or “results in no time!” approach to entrepreneurship
• are closed-minded or resistant to embrace new ideas that may scare you a bit at first

Maker Mastermind Business Incubator is composed mainly of entrepreneurs who make the products they sell, and the issues and challenges they face tend to be unique to people who sell products. Having said that, there are three ways Maker Mastermind Circles can benefit you if you have or would like to launch or grow a service-based business:

If you are a Maker, Maker Mastermind Business Incubator is a great place to brainstorm and create and expand service-based income streams that complement your products;
If you are a service provider, masterminding with people outside the service-based business arena allows you to take advantage or fresh approaches ideas that you  do not routinely have access to; and
Masterminding outside your niche and/or industry will help you build and maintain a solid CEO mindset that expand beyond what you normally encounter during the course of a day in your specific field.

You will maximize to chances that you will reach your business goals through peer-to-peer support and coaching and mentoring from your Maker Mastermind Mentor. Here is what you can look forward to:

• Weekly Progress Parties remind you to celebrate and reward your successes

• Monthly Meetups help you develop the leadership skills you need to influence people to buy your products and grow your team

• A Private Virtual Co-working Space ensures that you go into the weekend with more free time to enjoy your personal life

• Monthly Technology Day helps you tackle your technology nightmares, from websites to social media to plugins

• Our private Make • Market * Monetize Podcast gives you insights, strategies, and frameworks to help you get better results in your life and your business

• A private networking and discussion community that is custom built to eliminate distractions

• Periodic sales training — because who does not need to learn to generate sales more frequently and efficiently

• Periodic sales training — because who does not need to learn to sell better

• Free ticket to Maker Mastermind Live in October 2020

These tools allow us to easily share ideas, successes, resources, and questions at all times during your Maker Mastermind experience.

To register Maker Mastermind Business Incubator, click here.

The price is $49 per month, and Indie Business Network members get a discount code to enjoy $10 off the monthly subscription price. (IBN members log in here to get the code.)

The time commitment is up to you, and we can promise that there is no fluffy discussion in the Maker Mastermind. Every single moment of it is curated to focus on your highest priorities and the steps you need to take to achieve them.

Our meetings take place on Thursdays and Fridays during the late morning and early afternoon time frame, ET. From time to time, we have meetings at other times, but the regularly scheduled meetings are as outlined above. Meetings are recorded for you in case you miss any.

You can cancel at any time, but there are no refunds on monthly payments that have already been processed. To cancel, email us in advance of your next monthly payment at

No. However, we believe that you'll make more consistent progress toward your goals when you are paired with other entrepreneurs who are similarly situated to you in terms of entrepreneurial and life experience, and business income level. For example, if you have not yet moved your business from the basic Emerge stage, we will not place you in a cohort with people who are in the Evolve stage of entrepreneurship because you are launching and they are scaling.

A Planner Party is a weekly planning session where you will assess the previous week and plan the next one. You'll stay focused and on track, taking specific steps to push the ball forward every week.

In the future, we will expand Maker Mastermind to a wider audience, but for now, we are focused exclusively on the United States and Canada.

No. Maker Mastermind Business Incubator is open to and can benefit any type of business. Your curated cohort will have people from different types of businesses. This will benefit you because you'll be able to mastermind with and learn from within and outside your industry.

We love your questions! You can email book a discovery consultation at this link and speak directly with Donna Maria! In the alternative, us your questions at, and we will reply within 24 business hours. (Email is generally not answered on weekends.)