My ThemeWord For 2010: WISDOM

I am not into New Year's Resolutions because they are not profitable for me. Since I set, adjust, achieve and abandon goals for a variety of reasons all year long, setting new resolutions on January 1 seems sort of anti-climactic. But I do like the idea of selecting a “ThemeWord” that encompasses the notion that my 2010 activities will be undertaken in accordance with a mindset that is significant to me. My ThemeWord for 2010 is WISDOM.

Wisdom And Turtles

I tend to be a social butterfly. Easily excited by other people's ideas and activities, I tend to roll up my sleeves with them when I should sit back and observe at a distance. Some of the people closest to me have pointed out that I have a tendency to leap before I look. While that makes life fun and adventurous, it can create chaos and disorder.

As I approach everything from projects to relationships in 2010, I will pray for wisdom — the ability to distinguish clearly between the people and the activities that will allow me to remain focused, and the ones that will distract me. By becoming more discerning, I will become better at recognizing the people and opportunities that will generate the best results for the largest number of people, including myself.

If I am going to do a better job of separating the wheat from the chaff in 2010, I am going to need a lot of WISDOM. I have high expectations for what this will mean for my business, my relationships and my life next year.

How To Select And Share Your ThemeWord For 2010

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Question: What is your 2010 ThemeWord?

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