Natural Alternatives to Mass Market Deodorant

Did you know that several of our members offer alternatives to mass market deodorant? In this post, I will share some of them with you, and let you know about my personal experience with Pure Pitz from our member, Lisa Wynn Salvatore over at Purely Lisa in Greenwich, Connecticut. I have never used anything other than what I've gotten at my local pharmacy or grocery store. I have a favorite mass market brand, so I was excited when Lisa sent me Pure Pitz to try. It's certified organic and made with baking soda, essential oils, coconut oil, beeswax, and other natural ingredients.

pure pitz deodorant from purely lisa

Lisa told me that I only needed to swipe the product 2 to 3 times to get good use out of it, but with all the running around I've been doing lately, and the heat of summer, I was not sure. I've been swiping a good 6 or 7 times and, honestly, when I first tried it, I didn't think that would be enough. But guess what? It is! Pure Pitz works beautifully for me. When I downsized my swipes, I started to barely notice enough of an aroma to indicate I needed to go back to my 6 to 7 swipes. Everyone is different so you may need less. I am enjoying using Pure Pitz. It comes in a twist up tube and is easy and fun to use. You can get yours here.

I have since discovered that other members also sell natural alternatives to mass market deodorant. Here are af few:

Tehacha-Bee Farms – this brand is available in a baking soda free variety Update: Handcrafted Honeybee – the “SmartyPits” products are probiotic

Moody Sisters – in a pink grapefruit scent

Samantharoma – this one is a deodorant mist

Mbeze – cute little “Deodorettes,” their trademarked name for their product (how cute is that?)

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