Video: Be Your Own Background Music: Outlaw Soaps Shows You How

We could not resist sharing this video with you. Oh yes, it's one of our members's Kickstarter campaigns, but that's not why we wanted you to see it. We wanted you to see it because it will make you smile.

Danielle Vincent over at Outlaw Soaps in Oakland, California has not only co-invented one of those “I should have thought of that” products, but she's also created a cute video to share it with you — without having to deal with natty background music royalty issues. And her hair is purple. What's not to smile about?

It just goes to show that, when there's a will, there's a way. You can help fund Danielle's campaign until this afternoon if you'd like.

Visit the Outlaw Soaps' website here, and check out the Facebook page here.


1. Have you ever invented anything? How about made a video for a crowd funding site?

2. Have you ever died your hair purple? Or be-bopped your own background music to avoid royalty issues?

Please leave your answers, tips, comments and questions below. I love hearing form you, and appreciate you swinging by here to check us out today.

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