Let’s understand the patent application process, with @BreastChekKit

Did you know that simple things we do every day without thinking can form the basis for a multi-million dollar income stream? Consider my friend, Linda Lewis, inventor of Breast Chek Kit, a patented seamless breast self-exam shirt that makes it easy for women to conduct and track monthly self-breast examinations comfortably and privately. Who knew that encouraging women to maintain optimum breast health could be as easy as wearing a shirt?

Breast Check Kit

Linda got the idea for her product form a very personal experience that millions of women had had before her, and, now, the Breast Chek Kit is sold in hospital gift shops and physician's offices nationwide. Why didn't someone else act on the idea before Linda did? Well, maybe because they didn't know what a patent was or that they could own one. After this Success Call, you won't have that problem. Instead, you'll know what you can do when you have your next Big Idea from out of nowhere.

Statistics show that women were granted 18 percent of all patents in 2010, compared to 14 percent in 2000 and 9 percent in 1990. If you've ever wondered what a patent was exactly, and what the patent application process is like from the perspective of a woman entrepreneur, this don't miss this call.

In this call, you’ll learn:

– what a patent is (and is not)
– generally what types of products are and are not patentable
– what the patent process is like, from start to finish, from the perspective of the patent applicant
– how long it takes to acquire a patent
– what you can expect to pay a patent attorney to pursue a patent application on your behalf
– and so much more!

dmandlindalewis237x119Linda Lewis holds the patent on The Breast Chek Kit, a breast self-exam kit that includes a seamless nylon spandex shirt with a vertical diagram to mark changes in the breast, instructional DVD, calendar & note pad. She is also the creator of La Bubé Athletica, an new active wear line targeting women who have had mastectomies.

It’s happening this evening on IBN’s Success Call, at 8pm ET. Please join us!

“Understanding The Patent Application Process With Linda Lewis”
with dM and Linda Lewis of The Breast Chek Kit
Tuesday, March 19, 2013, 8pm ET
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