Radio Show: My Interview with Marathon Runner Laura McClain

This week's Indie Business Radio Show features my interview with Laura McClain, marathon runner, editor of Run Momma Run News Blog and creator of the Runner Momma Medal Rack. Laura regularly runs very long distances, sometimes up to 40 miles at a time, and she shared some great tips and experiences on the show. This post summarizes my interview with Laura, and you can enjoy the entire interview by clicking on the arrow at the bottom of this post.

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As you know, since March 1, I've been focusing diligently on increasing my fitness level, eating more healthfully and running up to 3 miles most days (today, I ran a total of 3.31 miles!) This Indie Business TV segment features a bit about my recent running and fitness experiences, along with an overview of how I use RunKeeper to track my running progress.

Here's an overview of some of the tips Laura shared on the show.

  1. Getting started. Laura recommends checking with your health care professional before beginning any fitness routine. If you're especially interested in running, check out “100 Beginner Running Tips.”

    Laura stressed the importance of listening to your body. If you are new runner, your body is taking on new forms of movement, and muscles and bones are being jarred in different ways. Pay attention to little aches, pains and strains so that you can learn when your body is signalling you in one way or another.

    Laura recommends that beginner runners obtain a gait analysis from a local running specialty store. A gait analysis is a video recording of the placement of your foot as you run. This is used to make recommendations for the best running shoes for you. During the show, Laura talked about three different types of running shoes you will want to consider.

  2. Running improves all areas of life. As a mom, Laura says that running (and being fit generally) shows her kids that healthy choices are a “normal” part of life. Running increases Laura's energy level, and she sleeps better on the days she runs. “The sense of accomplishment is amazing too,” she says. “A great run helps me deal with challenging clients. When I'm nervous about a client meeting, I get pumped up by reminding myself that I just ran a marathon!”

    Laura also says that running signals people that she's a conscientious person who takes time to be strong both physically and mentally. This helps increase the level of respect she enjoys as a professional. Laura says she's even gotten a few new website design clients as a result of being a runner!

  3. Finding support. Laura recommends connecting with people in your local area for support and to learn more about running, especially if you are a newbie (like me). She says that running specialty stores are great places to pick up brochures and find 5K runs and marathons in your area. If you want to train for a marathon, you can find lots of helpful materials at local running stores.

    For perspective and inspiration, she recommends No Finish Line. The author, Marla Runyan, is the first legally blind athlete to compete in the Olympic games.

    Laura recommends keeping track of your running progress. You may wish to use RunKeeper, as I do. (See the video above.)

Listen to the Show

One of the other things we talked about on the show is barefoot running, in particular the Vibram FiveFingers running “shoes.” (I can't wait to try them!) You can get all of Laura's great tips by listening to my interview with her wherever it's convenient for you:

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Coming up on April 12 at 1:00pm EST on Indie Business Radio, my guest will be Charlon Bobo, author of “Write Your E-Book Using a Trusted and Proven System While Maintaining Your Busy Life.”

See you then!

Question: If you're a runner, how has running improved your life?

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