Recap: Artisan Made Show: Summer Sizzle Edition

In case you missed it, the Artisan Made Show: Summer Sizzle Edition was awesome. Summer is in full swing, and if you need some additional life enhancing products to round out the season, you have come to the right place! Our show lineup included five or our member artisan entrepreneurs from five states: Minnesota, Alabama, Oklahoma, Texas, and Connecticut.

As you know, the Artisan Made Show makes it fun and easy for you Meet the Makers | Shop the Brands. Here are the streams from our Summer Sizzle episode, along with shopping links and discount codes!

Cleaning products: Lauren Van Scoy: Essence One: Minnesota

Lauren, a certified aromatherapist, began selling her Essence One products in 2016 after experiencing some difficulties that were eventually attributed, in part, to chemical sensitivities. Her products are made with citrus essential oils, so they smell wonderful and uplifting. You may never have wanted to spend much of your summer time clearing, but that may change with Essence One. Lauren says they smell so good that they actually make you want to clean!

(Scroll forward to 2:45 for the start of Lauren's presentation.)

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Get Essence One natural cleaning products at their website, and get 20% off using the code ams20 through tomorrow.

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Watch the stream and learn more about Essence One at their Facebook page.

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Shaving and body care products: Carrie Seibert: Soap Commander: Alabama

Carrie and her husband, Darren, launched Soap Commander from their home where they are home schooling their entire family — of seven children! It truly is a family operation over there in Alabama. In the video, Carrie tells some of her family's entrepreneurial story, then focuses on the different core line scents (shaving soap, after shave balm and bath soap) and limited edition line fragrances they offer. For summer, Carrie recommends their Recreation, a delightful and refreshing tropical combination of mango, mandarin, and dates. Her own personal favorite is their Respect line, made with a combination of lime and patchouli. Seize The Helm, with Soap Commander products.

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Visit the Soap Commander at their website, and get busy seizing the helm of your life!

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Watch the stream and learn more about Soap Commander at their Facebook page.

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Insect repellent and cleaning products: Amber Malcom: Shabby Chick Cleaners: Oklahoma

Amber and her husband, Shabby Hunk, lead this business where you can get amazing cleaning products. In her video, Amber demonstrates how effective their products are while her husband video tapes her. If you need to clean anything from nail polish to sharpie from just about any surface, you need these products. And don't forget to ask her about the world famous video of the ants and the banana, which demonstrates how effective their insect repellent is.

Fun tip: fast forward to 8:10 to see Amber starring in “Death of a Tick.”

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Get Shabby Chick Cleaners products at a 25% discount using code ShabbyIndie25. Their insect repellent is already on sale at two bottles for $20, and with this code, you can get two bottles for just $15!

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Watch the stream and learn more about Shabby Chick Cleaners at their Facebook page.

Follow Shabby Chick Cleaners on Instagram.

Natural facial care products: Katherine Dexter: Wild House Body Care: Texas

Wild House Body Care is owned by Katherine, a United States veteran (thank you for your service, Katherine!). Her featured product is her Happy Hippy Cleansing Oil, an excellent facial cleanser that cleans your face gently and naturally, and without soap, with tea tree, lavender, and patchouli essential oils.

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Until tomorrow, get free shipping on your order of any Wild House Body Care products products and get free shipping at Wild House Body Care, using code julyams, through Sunday, July 7. Also, through tomorrow, Katherine is donating 10% of profits to the The Raices, a refugee and immigrant legal and educational center.

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Watch the stream and learn more about Wild House Body Care at their Facebook page.

Follow Wild House Body Care on Instagram.

Soy candles: Laura Luther: Olive My Skin: Connecticut

At Olive My Skin, Laura makes wood wick soy candles, which make a slight crackling sound when it's burned. All candles are phthalate free, meaning there are no plasticizers in them, and don't produce any soot. Sea Salt and Sage is the best seller in the summertime. Other top summer sellers are Marine (with more of a masculine aroma from eucalyptus and seaweed), Citrus Mango (tropical, sweet, and happy), Wild Blackberry (Laura's personal favorite) (sage, nutmeg, and bamboo), and Berries and Teak (berries, teak, bamboo, and sweet grass). The candles come in a larger size and a mini size, and are contained in bar glasses so you can reuse them for your favorite beverages after the candle has burned.

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Get your summer candles right now at Olive My Skin.

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Watch the stream and learn more about Olive My Skin at their Facebook page.

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