Running Journal: Day 47

Today was a busy day. Mondays always are, with the newsletter and the radio show. Today's guest. Hollis Thomases, talked about her book, Twitter Marketing: An Hour a Day, which outlines an approach to learning Twitter in an hour a day. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but as always, it's quite exhausting. I don't know how some talk show hosts record 2 and 3 shows a day. I salute them. When I finally got to the gym (after managing the business, doing my daughter's hair, working with her on homework, and catching the tail end of my son's T-ball game), it was later than I originally planned, but that seems to be happening a lot lately.

I have to get it in when I can. In fact, as I write this, I am baking cookies for tomorrow's Young Author's Day. And yes, I ate a few mini-chocolate chips. The track at the gym will be closed later this week for resurfacing. I am so thankful to belong to a fitness community that puts my monthly dues to good use. The track is pretty decent now, if you ask me. I can't wait to see what it looks like by the weekend. I ran 3.10 miles today and I am over the moon about it. Here are the details:

  1. Weather. 65°F, nice weather, a bit overcast, but not quite cloudy.
  2. Location. Siskey YMCA outdoor track.
  3. Distance. 3.10 miles
  4. Calories. 260
  5. Start Time. 7:51pm
  6. Run Time. 52:34 minutes
  7. Average Pace. 16:56 minutes/mile (slower than yesterday, but I'm really focusing on endurance now. I had to step up my pace for the last half mile in order to bring the pace to under 17 minutes/mile.)
  8. Playlist. NPR's On Point Radio. It was great until a bunch of interference forced me to stop listening to the very interesting story of the SEC's new suit against Goldman Sachs, and start listening to alternating country and classical tunes. I was in too much of a groove to stop. Now, a country song where the singer kept saying, “Lawd hamercy!” is spinning around in my head.
  9. Condition. Fabulous! I felt strong and really into it. Once I got to 3.10 miles, I was ready to stop, but throughout the entire run, my head was totally in the game. This was a very “on” running session.

Question: If you run, or whatever you do with your iPod on, don't you hate it when your music skips or the signal scrambles up your favorite radio station in the middle of a great show?!

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