Running Journal: Day 48

Much of today was a family day as we celebrated “Young Author's Day” at our kids's school. The students worked over the past few months to write and publish books. Today, they presented them to dozens of happy parents and relatives. It was a smartphone bonanza, with every imaginable brand represented! By the time I got around to a run, it was late in the day (again), and it was drizzling. Undaunted, I got in the car and headed for the track.

It drizzled lightly until I was about a mile in. Because I'm still a newbie runner, it didn't occur to me to bring the Adidas rain jacket and baseball cap that Maggie Keenan recommended after the fact. I will be prepared next time. (Thanks Maggie!) Here are today's stats:

  1. Weather. 57°F, cloudy and rainy
  2. Location. Siskey YMCA outdoor track.
  3. Distance. 1.10 miles
  4. Calories. 90
  5. Start Time. 7:55pm
  6. Run Time. 18:04 minutes
  7. Average Pace. 16:21 minutes/mile (better than yesterday, and I think I could have improved that if I'd been able to stay longer. (I would say that, wouldn't I?))
  8. Playlist. NPR's On Point Radio. (No outages this time!)
  9. Condition. Good, although a little tired. Feeling behind since so much of the workday was invested in my children — a good investment. Tomorrow, I have some catching up to do!

Question: If you run, what are your favorite rain gear options? I need some!

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