Episode 11: Erin Pikor: Naiad Soap Arts [Podcast]

Welcome to Season 1 of the Indie Business Podcast! In this eleventh episode, you will meet Erin Pikor of Naiad Soap Arts in San Diego, California. Erin is a graphics designer by trade, and when she was laid off of her job in 2007, she decided to turn a crafty afternoon activity into a business.


Erin has been a member of the Indie Business Network since 2010, and she shares some hot small business success tips in this episode. She also reveals her favorite apps to fancy up your Instagram feed. At the end, Erin shares her best three-word phrases to encourage you to build a sustainable business. Settle in and enjoy NOW!

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Erin Pikor, Naiad Soap Arts

Season 1, Episode 11: Show Notes

Here are few episode eleven highlights.

  1. How Erin turned her crafty day activities into an Etsy shop, and how the company that laid her off actually helped her start her business (starting at 4:00).
  2. Erin's tips to help you manage the scale of your business while using social media to maintain “the personal touch” with customers and prospects (starting at 8:20).
  3. Social media tools, and why she especially loves Instagram (starting at 11:00)
  4. Tips for telling a story with a photo of your products, including a ton of Instagram-friendly apps (starting at 11:41)
  5. How Erin's business model works and what her sales outlets are (starting at 16:05)
  6. Erin's tips for adding wholesale to your business, and the importance of scale (starting at 20:15)
  7. Erin shares a bit about her licensing deal as the sole manufacturer and distributor of Soapylove products (starting at 23:25)
  8. Erin shares the “biggest mistake” she ever made in her business (Hint: it's not a thing she did, but a thing she thought …) (starting at 26:48)
  9. Erin's 4 three-word phrases to encourage you on your entrepreneurial journey (starting at 34:50)

Season 1, Episode 11: Resource Links

Smart phone: iPhone

Social media: Instagram

Graphics editing tool: Pic Stitch app

Graphics editing tool: Split Pic app

Graphics editing tool: Typic app

Graphics editing tool: Big lens app

Handmade marketplace: Etsy

Handmade wholesale: Etsy wholesale

Open Sky: Open Sky

Craft show: Renegade Craft

Consulting services: Lucky Break Consulting

Connect with Erin of Naiad Soap Arts

Naiad Soap Arts online, and on Facebook, and Twitter.

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