Season 2, Episode 2: “Women, Wealth and Wow” with Lela Barker [Podcast]


Welcome to Season 2, Episode 2 of the Indie Business Podcast! In this second episode of our Women, Wealth and Wow! series, I'm sharing an invigorating conversation with a woman I have known for the past decade, and who has become an intricate part of our my life. While our relationship was once all business, over the years, it has slowly and organically — like fine wine — matured into a rich tapestry that overlaps the personal and the professional in a way that is both natural and comfortable.

After the birth of two children and a divorce that left her practically destitute and living in her mother's basement, she happened upon a recipe for sugar scrub that she thought would make the perfect gift for her sister. After whipping up a few batches, a friend offered to take the scrub to a local spa to see if the owner might be interested in buying some to sell to her store customers. That friend emerged a few hours later with a $300 order — and the ensuing events landed our guest in my inbox via a membership application in March 2005. Enjoy it NOW!

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If entrepreneurship has given me anything, it has given me the ability to understand that I hold the keys.

Lela Barker, Bella Luccè and Lucky Break Consulting

Season 2, Episode 2: Show Notes

Here are few episode 2 highlights.

  1. What is on the horizon for women entrepreneurs (starting at 4:46).
  2. What entrepreneurship does for a woman insider her heart (starting at 8:40).
  3. What entrepreneurship does for a woman insider her heart (starting at 8:40).
  4. The hardest parts about entrepreneurship and tips to overcome them (starting at 11:38).
  5. The success of your business is depending on your ability to ebb and flow (starting at 16:39).
  6. The loaded term: wealth (starting at 17:58).
  7. A little bit about the “woo woo” (starting at 20:22).
  8. Defining and accepting your personal power (starting at 12:25).
  9. The speed boat vs the cruise ship (starting at 23:58).
  10. What entrepreneurship makes a woman is so much more than a business woman (starting at 26:20).
  11. The division between our personal and business lives … (starting at 28:30).
  12. The blessing of the responsibility … and the failure (starting at 30:00).
  13. The time in which we now find ourselves, and how we maximize it (starting at 34:20).

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