Season 2, Episode 9: “Women, Wealth and Wow” with Donna Maria [Podcast]

Arecent popular thread in the very awesome Indie Business Network Member Secret Forum deals with the issue of “competition.” Among other things, the conversation consists of members encouraging each other and sharing how they approach the very important issue of participating in a competitive market place — which we all are. In a nutshell, it is my firm belief that: “There is no such thing as competition, save for that which is in your head. Make good products, deliver them to your target audience, and you have no competition.” This episode of Indie Business Podcast is a more detailed elaboration on my approach, developed over a period of 15 years in business.


Of course none of us has the luxury of having a monopoly on the types of products and services that we offer. But we can come pretty close considering we can leverage ourselves and our branded social media outlets. When we do that, we have no competition. Who else can be you, except you? Who else can use your social media outlets, except you? There is great power in that. Click the arrow below to listen to this important commentary NOW!

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Donna Maria, Founder & CEO, Indie Business Network

Season 2, Episode 9: Show Notes

Here are few episode 9 highlights.

  1. There is no such thing as competition, save for that which is in your head. Make good products, deliver them to your target audience, and you have no competition. (starting at 1:17).
  2. Your job is to attract people to you, not to pull people away from other people. (starting at 5:00).
  3. Competition is a part of life, but how you respond to it is the critical difference-maker. (starting at 5:48).
  4. Focus on staying your mind on what you have to offer. (starting at 7:00).
  5. Focus on developing a plan. (starting at 8:55).
  6. Focus on executing your plan, and tweak as you go. (starting at 10:35).

  7. Where your focus (fire) is, your fortune follows (starting at 15:20).
  8. Look at others for inspiration, but focus on what you are making and who you are making it for (starting at 17:02).

Season 2, Episode 9: Resources mentioned in this episode

  1. Calendaring: Google Calendar
  2. Productivity: Sweet Prcess

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