Season 3, Episode 2: Makers on Main Street with Robert Ungemach and Keith Emmons [Podcast]

Welcome to Season 3, Episode 2 of the Indie Business Podcast! In this second episdoe of my Makers on Main Street series, I introduce you to Keith Emmons and Robert Ungemach of Opportunity Market in Dallas, Texas. Keith and Robert are partners in life and in business, and each serves a different leadership role at the business.


Keith's and Robert's individual and collective passion for Makers and Handmade Entrepreneurs shines through brightly in this episode. Not only will you understand where their passion comes from, but you'll get some priceless tips to help you pitch your handmade products to retail stores. And if you are thinking of opening a retail store yourself, you'll get some insights in that regard as well. Enjoy my Interview with Keith and Robert NOW!

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Season 2, Episode 3: Show Notes

Here are few episode 3 highlights.

    1. Keith kicks things off with the story of their transition from corporate America to a business of their own. (starting at 1:56)


    1. Keith and Robert share how their passion feeds the success of their business (there is beautiful emotion here). (starting at 5:18)


    1. 95% of the products sold in Opportunity Market are US Made, fair trade and/or woman-made products (including Dynomighty wallets). (starting at 7:40)


    1. Keith's advice to Makers and Handmade Entrepreneurs who want to position themselves to open a retail store. (starting at 11:00)


    1. Be a duck. (starting at 13:00)


    1. You have to start where you are. (starting at 13:47)


    1. Assess what the impact of store ownership will be on your family, and double it; relationships will change. (starting at 15:04)


    1. Robert shares what he looks for when Makers pitch product for his store, including what he calls “customer proofing.” (starting at 16:00)


    1. Branding is more than ingredients and fragrance. (starting at 20:39)


    1. Packaging should be half of your production cost (Correction to the example in the audio: “If your production cost is $1.00, your packaging cost should be 50¢. If your production cost is $3.00, your packaging cost should be $1.50.” “The passion needs to be in the packaging.” (starting at 22:23)


    1. Know your supply chain and time lines, so you can assure retailers that you can restock quickly if your products sell quickly. (starting at 27:38)


    1. Be picky about what stores you pitch your products to. (starting at 26:00)


  1. How Keith and Robert are successful both personally and professionally. (starting at 29:50)
  2. Talent is universal. Opportunity is not. (starting at 35:30)
  4. People don't buy what you make. They buy why you make it. (starting at 36:45)


Resources mentioned in this episode

    1. Book and film: A Path Appears by Nicholas Kristoff


  1. Book: Start With Why by Simon Sinek


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Keith and Robert, Opportunity Market

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