Season 3, Episode 8: Makers on Main Street with Roberta Perry [Podcast]

Welcome to Season 3, Episode 8 of the Indie Business Podcast! In this eighth episode of my Makers on Main Street series, you'll meet Roberta Perry of Scrubz Natural Skincare in Bethpage, New York.


Roberta has been a member of the Indie Business Network since 2008.

According to Roberta, while her business is 9 years old, she says she feels like she's just getting started after taking the first several years to figure out, as she says, “who she wanted to be when she grew up.” Her story is a great example of following your business where it leads you, and building your business to fit your life and what you really love doing. Roberta loves engaging one-on-one with her customers, and it is this passion for intimate connection that has helped her build her brand and her retail store success over the years. You'll really enjoy hearing from her. Enjoy my interview with Roberta NOW!

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Season 3, Episode 8: Show Notes

Here are few Episode 8 highlights.

  1. How Roberta took her business from kitchen to garage to Main Street. (starting at 2:03)
  2. Why, with rare exception, Roberta would rather not sell her products to other retailers. (starting at 5:30)
  3. What mindset do you have to embrace in order to be successful in business? (starting at 7:40)
  4. Roberta shares a bit about how her business model works, including the “party rooms,” Girl Scout parties and massage therapists — who use Roberta's products of course. (starting at 11:16)
  5. The importance of being flexible and thriving in community. (starting at 15:17)
  6. Roberta shares how she interacts and stays connected in her local community, including raising money for local charities. (starting at 17:02)
  7. Roberta comments on how your personal brand integrates with your business one. (starting at 21:57)
  8. How Roberta handles the copycats and uses over-the-top customer service to set her brand part. (starting at 26:00)

Connet with Roberta

Visit Scrubz at 328 Broadway, Bethpage, NY 11714, right in the heart of downtown by the parkway and train station. The phone number there is 516-827-0800. Check out Roberta at the Scrubz website, and on Facebook, on Twitter and on Instagram.

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