Blog Your Brand 30-Day Challenge: We’re Halfway There!

The 30-Day Blog Your Brand Challenge was a huge success, and dozens of Indie Business Network members won a complimentary year of IBN membership after they blogged consistently for thirty straight days. At the conclusion of the Challenge, I opened the doors to the Blog Your Brand Facebook Group to the public. Click here to join hundreds of people who are using their blogs to attract more target customers to their websites every day! Thank you for visiting!

You may recall that dozens of my members have joined me in the Blog Your Brand 30-Day Challenge, where they have committing to blog every day for 30 straight days, from June 14 to July 13, 2015. Today is Day 14, and we are just about halfway to the end, it's a good time to share how members are doing and what they are saying about the experience. If you're a Maker, you'll love the varied feedback.


Blogging once a week is a big commitment for any entrepreneur, and considering that we have blogged for 14 days and are still going strong, I asked participating members to tell me why they are continuing to blog every day. Their answers were inspiring, so I thought I'd share them with you. Be sure to check out their blogs and their products too. I'm sure some of their thoughts will resonate with you.

Tiffany Allen: Restored Natural Body Care

Lots of reasons! To help keep me motivated to prepare for my launch in October. It's hard to keep moving when you aren't selling yet. writing every day forces me to stay on top of my list. Before this challenge I found myself getting stuck a lot and discouraging myself because I get overwhelmed with everything that's before me. I don't doubt myself anymore!

I know at the end I will have content on my website to help drive traffic to my site and build some buzz.

just to say at the end I worked my tail off and I did it!

Amanda Stott: Tiki Bar Soap

Because I am extremely hard headed and refuse to quit once I start something.

Diana Baker: Argillaceous Naturals

I am still blogging because I see the value in growing an awareness of our company values and vision. I am also learning an incredible amount about blogging, formatting, tweeting, graphics, etc. as I go on this journey with my fellow Indies.

Deseree Doucet: The Creative Cajun

This has been a great challenge and it's really sparked me to get back to working on my business. My personal life has thrown me a lot of curve balls recently and the business was back burnered (and still is to some degree), but this is helping me to get the spark back and teaching me to do what I can when I can – things will come together when it's the time for them to do so, but I need to keep taking steps in the right direction.

Every post is a step in the right direction. Thank you for lighting the fire of motivation under our rear ends. I'll be the first to admit that this is exactly what I needed.

Neha Chokshi: Jade Lilly

I'm still blogging because this challenge is helping me to find my voice. It's hard, for sure, to do this everyday, to think of something to write and share that isn't promotional, but it is making me think more about my customers, think about what they would be interested in other than just products. It's helping me get in their heads and I think that's going to help me build a better company for them.

I had never blogged before the first day of this challenge and I don't have any delusions about how good I am at it but I am getting better, that's for sure. I'm also getting more comfortable with it and the writing is coming faster and easier. This is a great exercise.

Kristie Meade: Wyldewood Soap Works

I'm still hanging in because I want to prove to myself that I can. Writing a post a week always seemed hard to do because I couldn't find the time. This challenge is showing me that it isn't a lack of time, but a lack of planning. Having a list of ideas and a few minutes here and there are all I need!

Charlene Schlect: Cee Cee & Bee

I'm still blogging because I want to see if I can do it! It's a great opportunity to build content for my website and increase the general SEO – which was a goal of mine for this year. What I am finding is that I enjoy the conversation with my potential customers and I love sharing information they are interested in. The blog posts about my products have been thrown in there because I want to promote my products, but are not as fun as just writing.

Jennifer Waller: Celtic Complexion

The reason I'm blogging is because it's WORKING. Go figure, a free marketing tool that was there all along! Our average was 233 new visitors to the website each day. Newsletter sign ups and sales are UP, UP, UP!!

Sandy Engels: Purple Sage

I'm still blogging thru the challenge because I made a commitment.

Khadija Dawn Carryl: Henna Sooq

Blogging is making a huge difference in the interaction with my clients and new clients which is huge !!! I've gotten so much more traffic and comments. So exciting !!!!!

Carrie Seibert: Soap Commander

I'm stubborn and don't quit easily. Plus, I know it's the right thing to do, for the long term. I'm honestly not seeing much in terms of results….I don't feel like it's “working”, per se, but thinking maybe the desired results will come later, perhaps.

Jenna Amundsen: Bear Hill Body Care

I'm still blogging because it's become a joy – not an chore. The reactions have been so rewarding, surprising. This is the best challenge we could have imagined. And as some of the other Indies have said, I've gotten more traffic, more comments, more shares.

Maia Singletary: Astrida Naturals

My why: I didn't think blogging everyday for 30 days was possible for me. When the challenge was first presented, my knee jerk reaction was no way! I'm in it and still in it to prove myself wrong. Everyday I make that post, I'm more confident in my abilities and more sure I've sold myself short in the past. It's time to stop that. This challenge is step one.

Marylin Schendel: Ritual Waters

I have a hard time writing but am pushing myself through the challenge. Right now my day job is kicking my butt with having to work weekends but I am still writing, I have skipped a couple of days and feel like the crickets are chirping but I feel a great sense of accomplishment. Thank you all who have stopped by and commented. I am also amazed by all of you who are writing so much awesome stuff!

Natasha Nicole: Genuinity Cosmetics

I'm continuing this Challenge because starting it helped me find my voice. Before my phone erased my notes I had blogs saved that I had never posted because I was afraid or something. So now that I've found my voice. Why stop talking? I'm hoping eventually I'll even catch someone's attention and they may listen.

Jamie Keller Chow: Shen & Sam Co.

I'm still blogging because I chose my “word of the year” at the beginning of the year and it was DETERMINED! In addition to that, I am enjoying finding things to share with my customers (and hoping they are reading it!) and connecting with them. I'm still excited every day to write, I find that I am loving it!

Danielle Vincent: Outlaw Soaps

Gosh, I hate to say it, but I have no idea. I haven't really seen an increase in sales or traffic as a result of it. Blogging every day is a nice exercise, but I haven't seen results like everyone else has. My SEO hasn't improved, my traffic is the same, and my likes/follows have been consistent.

That said, I think the reason is because my business has always been an online business. I have done SEO like mad, been reasonably active blogging anyways, and always post to FB and twitter driving traffic to my site. I don't think most people here do as much of it as I do since their business is not 90% online sales, so they don't work with laser focus on building online presence as I have (not better or worse, just our business model is very heavily focused on online sales, not in person sales).

But like many others, I'm stubborn, so I'll see it through. Hooray for plain ol' bullheaded stubbornness.


Do you blog? Do you see yourself in any of these heart felt replies? What do you think of blogging? Would you do it for thirty days straight? Why or why not? I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback in the comments below, or share on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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