Season 3, Episode 9: Makers on Main Street with Deb Jasien [Podcast]

Welcome to Season 3, Episode 9 of the Indie Business Podcast! In this ninth episode of my Makers on Main Street series, you'll meet Deb Jasien of Fields of Ambrosia in North Conway, New Hampshire. Deb, a former theatrical set designer, has owned her business since 2001, and her store in 2007. Deb also wholesales her products, but she is very picky about what stores she will sell her products to.


Deb has been a member of the Indie Business Network since 2010.

Deb's store is located in a town known for fabulous ski resorts, and many of her customers are tourists drawn from around the region. Deb has also intentionally designed her business so it can fit he lifestyle. She has turned down offers to open more stores bearing her brand name, but she has turned them down because she feels it would interrupt the quality of her life.

You'll enjoy hearing how Deb successfully integrates her life and her business. It will inspire you to be just as intentional as she is about designing your business around your life … instead of the other way around. Enjoy my interview with Deb NOW!

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Season 3, Episode 9: Show Notes

Here are few Episode 9 highlights.

  1. How Deb started her business in 2001, and opened her store in 2007. (starting at 2:23)
  2. How Deb maintains multiple handmade product lines, being picky and “controlling” about her wholesale outreach. (starting at 6:28)
  3. A bit about Deb's business model. (starting at 9:44)
  4. What to consider if you want to open your own retail store, particularly in today's economic climate as we climb slowly out of the recession. (starting at 10:22)
  5. How Deb works with her local chamber of commerce to boost her business. (starting at 15:28)
  6. How Deb keeps everything organized, even with so many “layers to her life.” (starting at 18:13)
  7. Deb has contained her growth to satisfy her lifestyle. (starting at 19:08)
  8. Deb's typical day. (starting at 20:20)
  9. Deb's tips for hiring and managing employees (… or why you should hire retired school teachers). (starting at 20:42)
  10. What it's like to start a business in your fifties. (starting at 23:33)
  11. How to eliminate distractions so you can focus on your priorities. (starting at 26:20)

Connect with Deb

Visit Fields of Ambrosia at 2724 White Mountain Highway, North Conway, New Hampshire 03860. The phone number there is 603-356-3532. Check out Deb at the Fields of Ambrosia website, and on Facebook, on Twitter and on Instagram.

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What are Your Thoughts and Ideas?

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