Organic Skincare Line For Sale: Garden of Eve Skin Care

From time to time, I receive inquiries from Indie Business Network members who have been in business for a long time and are ready to sell and move onto their next adventure. Today, I am excited to share that an organic skincare line and business is for sale: Garden of Eve Skin Care.

The founder and owner, Eve Stahl (pictured above with some of her product images) has done a brilliant job of building a lovely apothecary brand with an established following. I asked Eve to share a bit about why she is selling her namesake business, and why it's such an attractive purchase for anyone who wants their own beauty business, but doesn't want to have to start it from scratch. Here is some of what she shared with me.

dM: What is the history of your business? What is your story?


As a Nutritional Consultant I saw numerous clients suffering from similar symptoms of rashes, asthma, bronchitis, which from my research I knew were related to ingredients commonly used in commercial cosmetic products.

Unable to find ‘truly clean’ products in the market that met my standards for purity and safety, I recognized the need to create my own product line.  

When clients used the pure products that I created, across the board their symptoms subsided.  At that point I recognized the need to produce a pure, non-toxic product line and make it available to the public.  And thus began Garden of Eve in 2003.

dM: Why are you selling your business?  


After 16 rewarding years, I am ready to “pass the baton” to an individual or established company that will carry forward the mission of protecting the health of people and the environment through the products I have created.

dM: What are the best parts about owning and managing your business?


The freedom of moving through my day at my pace enhances my health and enriches my life. It is a wonderful environment to call “work.” It actually feels like ‘play.’

I love hearing from clients all the unexpected benefits they receive from their pure, non-toxic skin care products. Often these result in dramatic improvements in their lives.

Offering this service to people has greatly enriched my life.

dM: What will you miss the most?


I will miss creating products that I know are making people’s lives better, and making a positive contribution to People’s health and the environment.

dM: What are the hardest parts about owning and managing your business?


Owning one’s own business is an absolute commitment. The more successfully the business grows, the greater the commitment.  As much as this can be exciting, learning how to maintain balance in life is crucial.

dM: What are you actually selling?


The Primary Value of the Garden of Eve Offer is the 33 unique formulations.


Intellectual Property :

  • Marketing collateral that educates and promotes sales
  • 2 trademarks
  • Graphics files for labels and marketing aids
  • UPC Codes


  • 2 professional mixers
  • Inventory of glassware
  • Kit and packgaing supplies – printed  inserts, fiber bags, etc.
  • Customer list and newsletter contacts

My products also have a safety rating of “1” from the EWG Cosmetics Safety Database. This rating will follow with the brand to the new owner.

dM: Are you looking to sell to anyone, or just local or US only?


I am looking to sell inside the United States.

dM: Are you planning to offer to stay on as a consultant after the sale to help the new owner get up and running?


Training will be provided to insure a smooth transition for a period of 3 months. Further assistance can be arranged as a paid consultant. Segments of the training will include:

  • product production
  • product use
  • general customer and product support

dM: What do people say they love most about your products?


The initial responses are “It feels ‘so clean' and fresh on my skin” and “It smells so good, and is light, yet effective. ” 

People appreciate that Garden of Eve products are not complicated. The line is very easy to to understand and use, which complements the lifestyles of people who want to live simplified and uncomplicated lives. The ingredients are straight forward, consisting mostly of plant names that people recognize. 

People feel secure using Garden of Eve, knowing that it is safe for their health and the health of their loved ones.

dM: If anyone is interested, what should they to do follow up with you?



  • Please leave email contact and phone number
  • State the reason you are interested in purchasing this company
  • Share your approximate time frame for the purchase

dM: Anything else you'd like to tell us about your business?


Organic Skin Care is a continually growing segment of the cosmetics market that is will continue to advance further.

The benefits of purchasing the Garden of Eve brand include proven clean, safe products of upscale quality and value you can be proud to promote.

Garden of Eve product margins are high. The company achieved a six figure income within the first three years, and is positioned to continue to present an excellent opportunity for continued growth.

The company enjoys great customer relationships and repeat sales.

This is a wonderful opportunity for the right person. Eve has done a great job building an amazing organic skincare line with an apothecary full of unique formulations. The business foundations are in place and ready for the next owner to take off running.

If you or someone you know might be interested getting in touch with Eve about this opportunity, please email her at

Please do not contact Eve Skin Care unless you are genuinely interested in buying and managing a handmade beauty business. Seriously interested buyers only please.

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