Small Business Success Tips From Gina Rafkind of Veda Sun

The week is off to a fantastic start! It started off with the early morning publication yesterday of this week's newsletter. I love publishing early on Mondays because my readers see the inspirational story of one of my IBN members as quickly as possible after the start of a new week. It's amazing how much more productive we are when we start a new week with inspiration from a fellow small business owner.

This week's issue features Gina Rafkind of Veda Sun in Flanders, New Jersey. Gina, an IBN member since May 2005, makes naturally-sourced and environmentally-friendly aromatherapy products using organic ingredients whenever available. Gina's business slogan is “Inhale~Enjoy~Exhale.”
In the newsletter, Gina shared a bit about how she started incorporating teleseminars into her business. It's a very interesting new focus for her, and you might enjoy getting some ideas about how you can do it too. Another thing Gina said, which honored me greatly, is: “As long as I own my business, I will be an IBN member.” (Thanks, Gina!) If you're not subscribed to my newsletter, you can subscribe here. In case you are not able to read Gina's entire feature at the moment, here are some of her hot business success tips.

  1. Gina's Newsletter Is Her Most Effective Marketing Tool. Gina publishes a newsletter about four times a month, and she does not take her subscribers for granted. Says Gina, “I consider this a privilege and I am very grateful to them and try my best to provide them with information that will serve them in the highest way.” Gina says that her readers offer useful feedback that she uses to drive her business forward. (For more reasons to publish a newsletter, click here.)

  2. Gina Makes Money Hosting Virtual Events. Recently, Gina started hosting virtual events to complement the natural health, beauty and wellness products she sells. She says they help her reach more people and expand her visibility online. She says they allow her to share her passion, which she says is to empower others on their journey on the path of self-discovery.

  3. Gina Loves The Freedom of Being Indie! Gina says that the best thing about being a small business owner is the freedom to take her dog for a walk and practice yoga before she starts work each day. Also, she enjoys the freedom of being able to work as hard as she wants to (or not), and the freedom to take days off, meet friends for lunch and on and on. To sum it all up, Gina says, the biggest freedom is being able to do what she loves in alignment with her life purposes.

Get the whole story here. Also, connect with Gina at her website, her Pathways To Presence Blog, on Twitter and on FaceBook.

Question: What about Gina's story inspires you to pursue your true passions and purposes as a small business owner?

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