Successful Business Leaders Create More Than Profit

Other than tonsillitis and a hernia as a small child, a fractured shoulder a decade ago and the occasional cold or flu, I have been blessed with good health. As a teen, I was a cheerleader and played tennis almost daily. In college, I walked practically everywhere I went. But law school and practicing law required a lot of sitting. And leading IBN requires a lot of sitting.

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Over the years, I've stopped sitting long enough to focus on fitness. I've even blogged about it from time to time. But I've never made it a habit. I'm determined to change that now.  This morning, I participated in a 70-minute cardio step workout at the Y. The class was pretty advanced as you can see, but other than the time it took to record this quick video, I was all over my step. When the instructor performed steps I couldn't do, I improvised.

I'm not quite sure why I recorded this video. Surely you won't get much out of watching a fuzzy video of a stranger sweating for 39 seconds. But I will, because I know that over the next several months, as I'm updating my blog, I will see this video. And if I haven't made it a point to move that day, this will remind me that I must make a different choice.

My ThemeWord for 2010 is WISDOM, and I am praying for lots of it this year, especially where my business is concerned. Here's a bit of wisdom that have been revealed to me this year: Successful business leaders create more than profit. They also create energy and opportunities.

I am going to need to increase my fitness level substantially if I am going to create the energy and opportunities I intend to create during my lifetime. I'm excited about what these insights can mean for me, my family, my business and the people I serve.

Question: What do you think? Will you join me?

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