Thank You Indie Cruise!

As you may know, last week, I hosted the last and final Indie Cruise, my signature Caribbean retreat for Makers and Handmade Entrepreneurs. We had a marvelous time snorkeling, sailing, masterminding, dancing, spa-ing, exploring, dining, yoga-ing, and just enjoying being together.

Indie Cruise has given me a fantastic 10-year run of leading women (and a few good men) on exotic mastermind retreats to 17 ports of call. It ultimately became so much more than it was when I first hosted it in 2011.

Thank you Indie Cruise …

• for showing me more of the world
• for helping me grow my business
• for building my confidence as a trusted business leader and mentor
• for paving the way for me to help women maximize their potential through small business ownership
• for allowing me to swim with a dolphin, pet sting rays, and gaze at the expanses of heaven from the middle of the ocean
• for letting me experience what's like to go from a tiny windowless cabin by the engine room in the belly of a boat in 2011, to a master suite with jacuzzi tubs, marble showers, and an expansive and unobscured ocean view on the top floor a luxury resort in 2020
• for giving my children the opportunity to swim with Ziggy the Dolphin
• for the incredible servers who provided food, turn down services and so much more to make our stays safe, relaxing, and comfortable
• to Rich Tucker (formerly) of Cruise Deals and Suzanne Niemeier of the Cruise and Travel Authority for their stellar services through the years
• to Club Med, Riu, Royal Caribbean, and Carnival Corporation for super-galactic meals and clean, comfortable, and safe spa and accommodations
• for helping me fulfill my life purpose of helping women to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they can care for themselves and their families by selling products they make with their own hands

I could make a list a mile long, but I won't … at least not in this post.

What I will do is use the spot below for my greatest thanks of all.

Thank you Indie Cruisers …

This spot is my heart wide open, to thank all of the women and men (and a few children) who have taken time out of their lives to enjoy the Indie Cruise experience with me. I have learned so much from all of you.

Indie Cruise has been so much more than a business trip. So much more than a retreat. So much more than an entrepreneurial mastermind. So much more than the sharing of business ideas over spa and food and excursions.

Really, it's been the intertwining of our hearts together in a way that will be forever impossible to duplicate.

And while I am shedding a few tears as I gently lay Indie Cruise to rest forever, I am eternally grateful for the unforgettable relationships it has so effortlessly delivered into my life. Words in a blog post cannot express the depth of my gratitude to every person who has followed me on an Indie Cruise Mastermind Retreat.

Now, it's time for something new …

While saying “goodbye” is challenging, the process is made sweeter when it is accompanied by and exciting new “hello.” To that end, I'm excited to introduce The Lifestyle CEO Club.


Have you joined me on an Indie Cruise? If so, you know the special bond we share. Feel free to contribute some of your fond memories of Indie Cruise below, or share on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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