Vault Episode 1: Pilot Lifestyle CEO Show [Podcast]

Welcome to the first podcast of my career. This post shares the story of my podcasting journey, beginning in 2005, and this post picks up where that one left off, with an encore presentation of my pilot episode which hasn't seen the light of day since September 21, 2005. I am calling this Vault Episode 1, to distinguish it from current Indie Business Podcast episodes.

If you're a subscriber to Indie Business Podcast on iTunes (on iPhone) or Stitcher (via Google Play or via iTunes), you are going to notice some substantial differences between Vault episodes current episodes of the Indie Business Podcast.

First, to avoid confusion, Vault episodes will not be pushed to traditional podcast apps. Instead, they will be stored in our Podcast Vault. Keeping them separate will prevent interference with the current flow of the Indie Business Podcast.

Second, sorry for the hard rock introduction at the beginning of this Vault episode. After it, you'll hear Kevin's verbal ad and disclaimer (read this if you don't know who Kevin is), which you'll hear again in the middle of the audio. These ads were inserted into each of the Vault episodes. We considered editing them from subsequent presentations, but with hundreds to do, we made the tough decision to leave them in. You can use the time stamps to skip them. You'll also notice that the audio quality is not as good as it is in current episodes of the Indie Business Podcast, also a function of technological advances.

Third, you'll hear that my original podcast was called the Lifestyle CEO Show. It was recorded live, and we often included live questions from call-in listeners. You'll also notice that I refer to the Indie Business Network as the Handmade Beauty Network, its name at the time. (Before that, it was the Handmade Toiletries Network.)

Finally, some of the businesses and links discussed in this episode are no longer active. In such cases, if I found updated information, I have included it in the Resources section below.

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Vault Episode 1: Overview

Vault Episode 1 features my interview of three entrepreneurial women who are also the moms of young children. They share how and why they started their businesses, and offer tips and strategies to help similarly situated women manage a business from home.

Episode Show Notes

Here are the topics discussed in this episode, with time stamps to help you find the information that most interests you:

  1. Kevin's generic ad and disclaimer (Egads!!) (starting at 0:00)
  2. Kevin's introduction of me (starting at 1:36)
  3. Welcome from me, my business journey, how the show started, and the definition of a Lifestyle CEO (starting at 1:50)
  4. Introduction of first guest: Tamika McKim Neblett: wife, mom, business owner (starting at 5:14)
  5. Tamika tells her story of working for someone else, and how and why, in 1999, she transitioned to working for herself from her home (starting at 6:04)
  6. How Tamika got her first customers (starting at 9:18)
  7. Tamika shares what was designed to do (starting at 10:19)
  8. Commercial break (starting at 12:17)
  9. Tamika shares her network marketing endeavors selling kitchen tools and educational resources for home schooling parents, and a bit about a typical day in her life (starting at 13:04)
  10. Tamika talks about how she manages the practical aspects of her business, including the benefits of a “one to many” business model, and the details of what she offers (starting at 19:41)
  11. Commercial break (starting at 25:30)
  12. Introduction of new guests: Amy Oliver of Country Bee Soaps (Michigan) and Denise Jacob of Affusion Skincare (Georgia) (starting at 27:04)
  13. Amy's story: transitioning from tech to entrepreneurship, and adding a baby (starting at 28:05)
  14. Denise's story: when her husband said, “You really need to bottle this stuff” (starting at 31:05)
  15. How these women approach entrepreneurial risk, how they are training their children in the ways of entrepreneurship, and where they get the help and support they need (starting at 32:24)
  16. Commercial break (starting at 37:00)
  17. Listener questions: transitioning from one to two children, free and low cost marketing and advertising strategies, networking tips (starting at 37:54)
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Donna Maria, Indie Business Network

Vault Episode 1: Resources and Links Mentioned in this Episode

  1. Moms group: Mocha Moms (discussed by Tamika)

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