[VIDEO] GCDSpa: An American Small Business Success Story In Action

A few months ago in this post, I shared how I had commissioned IBN member Emily Caswell to create custom branded Cranberry Spice lip balms for me to give to customers and friends to spread the word about my work supporting small businesses. Today, I'm thrilled to share the opening of Emily's newly designed office on the property of her family home in Topsham, Maine.

Emily and her husband are an inspiring representation of what is happening in cities and towns nationwide. Families are coming together to make love and money under the same roof. They are launching, owning and managing profitable businesses from their homes. Using their educational background, talents, grit, and a desire to serve, businesses like Emily's are taking off. They are the new small business success story, aand I am pleased that hundreds of them are members of IBN, the nationwide trade organization I lead.

Congratulations Emily, GCDSpa, and the entire Caswell family!

Won't you join me in celebrating with the Caswells?

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