Video Sales and Marketing 5-Day Challenge

The challenge is over, but you can still join the Mastermind Your Way to Success Group at this link.

“How do I use video to market and sell my products?” I'm so glad you asked, because I created the Video Sales and Marketing 5-Day Challenge to help you answer that question. If you've already heard about it and are ready to get started, register for the challenge at this link. If you need more information about how the challenge can help you, read on.

The power of video

You probably already know about how powerful video is when used to sell your products. What you may not know is that with a little practice and the tips I'll reveal in the challenge, you can create a system that sells your products using video, without breaking the bank and without having to stress yourself out by being perfect on camera.

Here's what you get …

Here's an overview of what you get with this challenge:

  1. A doable video-related challenge delivered to your inbox for five days, starting April 27.
  2. An opportunity to win a prize on one day of the challenge simply by sharing your challenge assignment in the Maker Mastermind Facebook community on that day.
  3. A free ticket to my two-hour LIVE video Q+A training, designed to answer your questions about using video to market and sell your products.
  4. An opportunity to win a huge Grand Prize Bundle worth over $500 simply by sharing your challenge assignment on every day of the challenge.
  5. A chance for us to get to know each other better so I can have an opportunity to serve and mentor you, and help you grow as a Maker and a business leader.

How does that sound? …

A lot of people in the group are sharing their fears of hosting video content, and I designed this challenge to address those fears.

Even if you have already used video to market and sell your products, you will still learn a lot in this challenge, plus you'll have an opportunity to mastermind each other's video content ideas, share feedback on other people's videos, and get feedback on yours!

Are you ready? …

If you are ready to take the challenge, register here.


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