WBO American Dream Launches

When I was in Florida last year to speak at a women's conference, I had the pleasure of meeting a Twitter friend in person. When I Twittered that I'd be traveling to her neck of the woods for an event, Margie Zable Fisher took time out of her busy work day to meet me for lunch at my hotel. I love meeting people at any time, but there's something special about connecting with a person in the flesh after you've sort of gotten to know them online first.


As you can see from the picture, Margie and I had a nice lunch, and I have made a Twitter friend and business colleague for life. And like most of my Indie Twitter friends, Margie is busy putting her 2009 business plan into action by launching the WBO American Dream Program, a new program for women business owners that includes a terrific newsletter called the WBO Digest.

According to Margie, the mission of the new organization is to provide top-notch information for women business owners at a low price. Margie says that every single article in the publication will "have something you can take away — no silly fillers or bad advertorial pieces." The new program also includes monthly teleseminars and an online network. Margie also has a great free weekly newsletter which I enjoy. Each issue contains a few media leads too so it's worth checking out for sure.

To find out more about Margie and her new publication and women's group, visit her website. You can also follow her on Twitter. We wish you all the best with the WBO American Dream, Margie! Keep us posted on how things are going.

Questions: Have you met someone in person after meeting them on Twitter. Was it fun? Also, if you check out Margie's new program, feel free post your experiences and feedback here.

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