Where Is The Link Love?

C'mon. Link Out!

Everyone has a pet peeve or two. You know, those pesky little things that happen every day. And even though you know they shouldn't bug you, they somehow manage to drive you nuts anyway. Blogs are great places to vent about your pet peeves. So here goes. My pet peeve is online bloggers and journalists who don't show Link Love.

Link Love is my shorthand way of describing what bloggers and journalists do when they link out to their sources, thereby giving their readers opportunities to collect more information about the subject of an article. Do you get Link Love? Do you show Link Love? The answer to both questions should be "yes."

You Should Get Link Love When …

If you take time from your busy schedule to serve as a resource for an online blogger or journalist and they use your expertise in their article, you deserve Link Love. If you are paid for your time, that's a different matter. But if you respond to an email interview or share information via phone or through a white paper or article you have authored, you should insist on some Link Love.

You Should Give Link Love When …

If someone has taken time from their busy schedule to serve as a resource for an online blog post or article you are writing and you use their expertise or experience in your article, you should show some Link Love. If you paid for their time, that's probably love enough. If not, you know it's right to share your source's links with your readers.

Give some Link Love. Get some Link Love. That's what the Internet is all about.

What do you think? Do you give liberal Link Love? Or are you stingy about it? Have you ever taken time to serve as a resource and then you get no Link Love? Is my pet peeve irrelevant? What say you, Indies??!

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