10 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Ixtapa, Mexico

As you may know, I host the Indie Cruise, an annual retreat for Makers and Handmade Entrepreneurs. This year, in January, we retreated at the beautiful Club Med Resort in Ixtapa, Mexico. If you've never been, here's your chance to take a virtual tour with me. Let's start with this stunning beach sunset.

ixtapa at sunset

Photo by Toushonta Hogan, Scentsational Soaps

About Ixtapa

Situated atop what was once a coconut plantation and mangrove estuary, Ixtapa is nestled in a sweet little corner on the Pacific Ocean side of Mexico. It's also immediately adjacent to Zihuatenao, which you may recognize as Andy Dufresne's paradisiacal home in the movie: Shawshank Redemption.

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One of the best things about Ixtapa is that it's located on one of the few stretches of Mexican Pacific coastline that is naturally protected from storms. Because the coastline is not rocky, it's remarkably suited for swimming and snorkeling. there are also relaxing patios and pool areas, like this one.

poolside in ixtapa

Photo by Sandy Engles, The Purple Sage

The lovely view from this picture window greeted me every morning on the way to breakfast.

The spa at Club Med was wonderful, not to mention the ocean side massage tents, run by locals who charged just $25 US for a 60- minute treatment. Here I am just being happy on the spa balcony, just before heading in for a half day of pampering.

If you have a product-based business, like most of my members, one of the most fun things to do when traveling is to take cool pictures of your products in exotic destinations. This  kills several birds with one stone, including: (1) it's great for Instagram; (2) it's fun to tell your customers a bit about the exotic locale you are visiting while promoting your products at the same time; (3) it makes for a great image for you blog and/or newsletter; and (4) the valuable intellectual property increase the overall value of your company.

I'm not the best photographer, but here's a decent picture of a jar of Better Body Balm from one of my members.

Each year, we charter a private catamaran so we can sail out into the open ocean. We use this time to snorkel, initiate and nurture valuable entrepreneurial friendships, and have a drink or two.

catamaran in ixtapa

Photo by Kathleen O'Laughlin, Green Goat Products

We might also see a whale in its natural habitat. When this one showed up, you could have heard a pin drop on the boat, as we all experienced this most amazing ocean beast in silent reverence!

Photo by Kristin Fraser, The Grapeseed Company

The moment was also captured on video!



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One of the Indie Cruise traditions is the White Night. We all where white, and just before a special dinner, we head out to the beach to take pictures at sunset. This picture was taken just before the golden hour.

This one was taken just before the sun dipped beneath the horizon. You can barely see us, but that sun though!

Photo by MackLey Altema, Soude Haiti

If you'd like, you can check out more images in the Indie Cruise Ixtapa photo album.

Learn ore about Club Med Ixtapa here. You can also download the free Club Med apps for iTunes and Google Play.

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