February 2018 Master Class: How to Use Google AdWords to Promote Your Business

Organic marketing is great. In fact, most of us prefer it. But there may come a time when you want to invest financially to attract your target market. Yes, Facebook ads is an option, but let's not forget about Google!

If you are interested in learning how to use Google AdWords and AdWords Express to grow your business, then don't miss this Master Class!

What is a Master Class?

One of the benefits of IBN membership is a live monthly Master Class (formerly known as Success Calls) with someone with the expertise to help YOU set and achieve your business goals. These are great opportunities to learn and grow in a supportive community, and to meet some of the people who can make your business more profitable and more fun. Our members can join live via Facebook Live or by phone using a special member code.

About Our Master Class Instructor: Angelina Darrisaw

Angelina Darrisaaw is a social entrepreneur, business and career coach and the founder and CEO of C-Suite Coach. Angelina is certified through Google's Digital Coach Program, which trains digital strategists to bridge the digital divide for new and emerging entrepreneurs and provide opportunities for all business owners and entrepreneurs to grow and thrive online.

Angelina is also a My Black is Beautiful and Pantene brand ambassador, and has been featured in national ads in O, the Oprah Magazine, Ebony Magazine and Essence Magazine. She is also a columnist for Huffington Post. Learn more about her at Angelina and her services at website.

How to Join Today's Master Class

If you are already a member of the Indie Business Network, the call information has been emailed to you, and it has been posted in the Secret Facebook Group.

If you are not a member of the Indie Business Network, join now so you don't miss this and other events to help you be successful in your life and in your business.

See you on today's Master Classl!


Do you want to learn how to use Google AdWords? Would you like to walk through the process, step-by-step with an expert who can tell you exactly how to use the service to maximize targeted traffic to your site? Would you like a coupon for a hefty discount on Google Adwords services for new users? Then don't miss this Master Class!Feel free to share thoughts, experiences, and feedback in the comments below, or share on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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