3 Quick Twitter Tips For Small Business Owners

Last week after speaking on social media at the Soap Guild conference, I answered lots of questions about Twitter. Here are 3 tips any small business owner can use to Twitter efficiently and cost effectively.

First, use Tweetdeck, which allows you to create columns on your desktop so you can scan Tweets by people you add to those columns. Tweetdeck automatically separatesTweets according to people you identify as belonging to the various columns so you can easily scan, reply and direct message. You can also quickly "favorite" Tweets to your Favorites page. Another option to check out is Tweetgrid. It works similarly to Tweetdeck, but with more bells and whistles.

Second, regularly Tweet informational blog posts and news articles. This a quick way to start a conversation and shows that you are in the know about issues affecting your industry. People share such Tweets days or even weeks later, giving you credit for initiating the conversation. It only takes seconds to do this. Remember to shorten links using TinyURL or SnipURL.

Third, share your informative blog posts, newsletter articles and photos on Twitter. This creates an interesting stream of content that is attributed to you and is picked up by search engines. When a new person visits your Twitter page, they see frequently updated entries that point to you as an active and knowledgeable person in your field.

Treat your Twitter page like any other professional website. Limited space is no excuse for messy spelling and grammatical errors. If a Tweet is too long to share in 140 characters, use Twitwall so you can add photos, video and as much text as you like.

Quesiton: What are some of the simple ways you use Twitter to professionally connect with customers, clients and other stakeholders? Share your Twitter tips in the comments section below.

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