10 Easy Blog Post Ideas to Attract Target Customers to Your Website

You know that a blog will get more eyeballs to your website, right? I should know, as I've been blogging for nearly 16 years. It's one of the single most effective tools I have used to build my business. Whether you blog or not, you pretty much know that every Maker needs to maintain a blog at their website. The biggest resistance I hear on this topic is that you don't know what to blog … [Read more...]

Do These Things to Lead a Successful Facebook Group

Now that you know how a branded Facebook group can help your business grow, it's time to learn how to lead a successful Facebook group, so it produces the results you want. Leading a successful Facebook group is not complicated, but it requires a good bit of thought. If you've ever been a part of anything that involves a lot of people online, you also know it takes a strong and consistent … [Read more...]

How a Branded Facebook Group Can Help Your Business Grow

Did you know that managing branded Facebook groups can help you grow your business? You may have heard a lot about Facebook groups recently, especially since Facebook has forced business page managers to pay a fee to display more than a few of their posts to their fans. As a result of this "pay to play" approach, more entrepreneurs have turned to Facebook groups to interact with their … [Read more...]

Summer 2016 30-Day Blog Your Brand Challenge Starts Now!

It's time for the Summer 2016 30-Day Blog Your Brand Challenge, and we start right now! This is the perfect time for a blogging challenge. It's July, but we are moving steadily and quickly toward the fall season, and now is the time to attract people to your site for a look-see so you have an easier time converting sales during the fall and holiday season. My co-host for this 30-Day Blog … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Why Instagram’s Algorithm is Irrelevant

Recently, Instagram announced that it will change the order in which posts are displayed to users. Currently, posts are displayed in chronological order, so that your followers see what you post in the order you post it. While it's not completely clear how posts will be displayed after the change is implemented, it is clear that Instagram will display posts in the order it feels is best, and not … [Read more...]