Announcing #IndieCruise 2016: Make – Market – Monetize

Today, I am excited to share that #IndieCruise will continue in exotic retreat destinations where you will step away from the fast-paced demands of business, and experience unconditional love and support as you craft the next iteration of your life.

Cruise 2016 Final

You can register for #IndieCruise 2016 now by clicking here. If you have any questions before registering, call Suzanne Niemeier at 678-903-0210.

#IndieCruise 2016 will take place at the beautiful Club Med Luxury Resort & Spa, Cancún, Yucatán, Mexico. Here is a snapshot from prior retreats so you can get an idea of what we have in store for you.

#IndieCruise 2016 Theme: Make ~ Market ~ Monetize

Our 2016 theme is designed to highlight the logical progression from Making things to Making money.

  1. Make.

    The first thing you must do as a Maker and Handmade Entrepreneur is to make something. That sounds simple enough, but not every wonderfully made thing can form the basis for a sustainable business. Sometimes, as awesome as a Maker brand is, it never quite achieves lift off.

    Even if initial lift off is successful, the foundation must be tweaked in order to produce solid results for years to come. And the foundation includes more than just what you Make. It includes combining what you Make with how you want to live so you are continuously creating the life you love.

    Making is easy. Making to last requires courage and bravery. You will rise to new levels of both on #IndieCruise.

  2. Market.

    If you Make it, they will … what? Come? Well, maybe. More often than not, before they come, you'll have to bait the hook and lure them to your line. To attract your target fish in an ocean of low-priced sameness, you've got to be clear and consistent. And you've got to be relentless.

    This process is not necessarily hard, but it can be scary and lonely. On #IndieCruise, we'll look past your reservations and dive full-on into leveraging not only your products, but also Y-O-U! This one-two punch brands your products back to you and allows you to build a long-lasting platform that can grow as you grow.

    You are the only thing about your business that someone else cannot borrow or steal.

    The second prong of the theme for #IndieCruise Mastermind 2016 is about Marketing what you Made. It's about leveraging not just the product but also the Maker. In other words: Y-O-U.

  3. Monetize.

    Once it's Made, and you are Marketing your brand back to you, systems can kick in to cause the cash register to ring over and over again. The process of making money is not static. The business model you set up today will not be the same in 2017. If it is, both you and your brand are in trouble.

    To monetize successfully for the life of your business, you need a unique value proposition that is firm but flexible, and you need to develop diverse revenue streams.

    And you must create and re-create, and then create some more.

    The third prong of the theme for #IndieCruise Mastermind 2016 is about creating multiple streams of income that naturally flow from your core brand.

    The third prong of #IndieCruise is about leading your brand past a solid core and into the world of unlimited financial opportunity. This is where the fun really begins.

How To Register For #IndieCruise 2016

Registering for #IndieCruise 2016 is easy with our simple payment plan. Our smallest deposit even holds your room, and your travel insurance is included! The balance can be paid in easy installments over time, or you can pay the entire balance at once.

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You can get deposit details and register for #IndieCruise 2016 now by clicking here. If you have any questions before registering, call Suzanne Niemeier at 678-903-0210.

See you in the Yucatán!

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