Season 2, Episode 11: “Women, Wealth and Wow” with Lisa Price [Podcast]


Welcome to Season 2, Episode 11 of the Indie Business Podcast! In this eleventh episode of our Women, Wealth and Wow! series, I introduce you to my friend Lisa Price, the founder of Carol's Daughter. In 1992, Lisa began making lotions and potions in her Brooklyn kitchen, and selling them under the brand name Carol's Daughter, in honor of her mother. Lisa opened her first store in Brooklyn in 1999.


Fast forward to October 2014, when L’Oréal USA signed an agreement to acquire Carol's Daughter, which Lisa calls “her first child.” As you listen to my interview with Lisa, pay special attention to the things she truly values, even after a multi-million dollar corporate acquisition. You'll be inspired by Lisa's definition of wealth and what leading a business does to challenge and strengthen you to be better — not just an entrepreneur, but also as a woman. Enjoy my Interview with Lisa NOW!

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Season 2, Episode 11: Show Notes

Here are few episode 11 highlights.

  1. Lisa's original Carol's Daughter business plan (this may surprise you!) (starting at 4:06).
  2. The evolving (and non-traditional) definition of “success” on your own terms. (starting at 5:05).
  3. How investors' expectations changed the Carol's Daughter game (starting at 7:58).
  4. Finding the right type of business model for you; the only “right” way is what you say is right for you (starting at 9:23).
  5. Celebrating how a woman's unique approach to entrepreneurship has evolved over the years to more fully embrace our faith, our gut and our intuition. (starting at 10:35).
  6. Lisa' definition of wealth. (starting at 15:57).

  7. … on community, family, and freedom (starting at 18:57).
  8. Examples of how doing business has changed over the years because of the Internet. (starting at 19:44).
  9. Lisa's long term business planning tips (including paying yourself first). (starting at 22:16).
  10. Lisa shares the a few tips for using social media to successfully combine sales and creating community around your brand, and the importance of separating your personal and your corporate social media outlets. (starting at 26:15).

Connect with Lisa Price and Carol's Daughter

Check out Lisa Price on Instagram and visit the Carol's Daughter website.

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